Anon a Mouse - Synopsis

In the clanky old oven of the big loft's old stove, a family of mice await and receive food, provided by a kindly human, all under the gaze of a very interested dog.

After receiving the food, while happily munching and playing, the mice find themselves interrupted by the dog's antics as he tries to demonstrate how much he wants to join their little group and to play with them as they are playing with each other.

The dog tries squeaking one of his toys, running around the mice, trying to sound and act as much like them as he can, hoping to convince them that he would fit in.

But the mice consistently refuse his companionship and, sticking together, they complain vociferously to each other about the giant furry being who is far far too big and strange to join them. Eventually, they leave the dog by himself.

The piece ends as the dog, now all alone, laments the mice's rejection and departure.