A Response to New York Magazine's "Info City" article

(Published in New York Magazine, March 2, 1981, "Letters" column.)

Desmond Smith's article more or less glossed over Greenwish Village, TriBeCa, SoHo, and NoHo, all located between the midtown and Wall Street information peaks. The first and still-dominant use of these loft areas is for the manufacture of information in a form that is one of New York's economic strong points: paintings, sculpture, choreography, music, theater, literature, and other, newer art forms. Art is information, and the valley between the two info peaks to which so much attention was paid is the single most concentrated area for the creation (as opposed to the processing and transmission) of information in the world.

Laurie Spiegel

Copyright ©1981 by Laurie Spiegel. All rights reserved.

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