Ex Post Facto OMS

(a Letter to the Editor published in Electronic Musician Magainze, Dec. 2000)

As long as OMS appears to be up for redesign or replacement, some consideration and comparison of the relative features and foibles of the various present and past "MIDI Operating Systems" might be productive right now. These include, in no particular order:

Now is the time for the music tech community to brainstorm and ask for what you need, to voice pluses and peaves, and to state what backward compatibility and new functionality you want.

The design of whatever will serve OMS's purpose in the future is important. If you have thoughts on this subject, then take this opportunity to rethink and discuss or wait passively to see if eventually this column fills with complaints about limitations and problems that timely communication might have avoided. You are the users. You and your music are who and what all this technology is for.

- Laurie Spiegel

Copyright ©2000 by Laurie Spiegel. All rights reserved.

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