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"Some pretty amazing heartfelt molecular inner-happening soundscape soul journeys"
- Terry Riley

"Laurie Spiegel is a sonic explorer. Those looking for other worlds of sound can put on headphones and find them here."
- Craig Anderton

"Laurie Spiegel is one of those rare composers in whom head and heart, left brain and right brain, logic and intuition, merge and even exchange roles."
- Kyle Gann

"Her mature works, which are somewhat Romantic in style, are characterized by emotional intensity"
The New Grove Dictionary of American Music, Vol. IV


LP and CD Recordings by Laurie Spiegel

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The Expanding Universe

New greatly expanded 2012 edition of my 1977-1980 Philo Records LP (see below) by Unseen Worlds Records. Available as a 2-cd set of the original 4 pieces from the LP plus additional music also created 1974-6 using the GROOVE system at Bell Telephone Labs. The cd album contains 19 tracks comprising over 2.5 hours of music. The LP version is a limited edition translucent replica LP with digital download codes for the additional track or the 19 tracks plus 24-page booklet can be gotten as a digital download album. Can be pre-ordered starting July 2012.

cd cover image Just Before Dawn

Silenzio Ant CD AT218 released 2005, Rome

My pair of very short cyclic scores for piano performed by Luca Miti on his anthology of new music for piano.

cd cover image Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 4, 1937-2005

Sub Rosa Records released 2005 Belguim

Compilation of works by many early electroacoustic composers with booklet. Includes the first-ever release of my 1972 Electrocomp piece.

cd cover image cd cover image OHM - The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music 1948-1980 CD Box 2000 and DVD

Ellipsis Arts - CD-3670 and DVD-3694

Boxed set with booklet documenting the history of the medium with works by many composers, contains a 3-CD + 1-DVD compilation of short pieces and excerpts from the works of many composers who were active in electronic music in the middle of the century, from 1948 - 1980.

cd cover image Ooppera

Yucca Tree Records, Berne, Switzerland

Available as of July 2004 on

In this compilation cd of 10-minute operas, my piece is a story of mice and a dog made entirely with processed animal sounds. I translated the "Squeakbretto" from the original animal vocalizations as recorded in my loft, as recited and sung by the participants.

cd cover image Harmonices Mundi

This is the realization of Johannes Kepler's vision of the motions of the planets made audible as music part of which was included on the Voyager Spacecraft record. I created this realization of Kepler's "Harmony of the World" at Bell Telephone Labs in 1977.

This limited edition translucent single-sided LP record was released January 2004 by the label Table of the Elements, and though quite rare it can sometimes be found via or Vinyl Searcher.

cd cover image The P-ART Project - 12 Portraits


This compilation of works by 12 composers with 46 page booklet, released Oct. 2001, was produced by Paul Timmermans and the P-ART Web of Artists in Betekom, Belgium. "Conversational Paws" was performed by the inimitable dog duo who call themselves Canidae Cantabilae. (34" silent QuickTime .mov compressed to 296k. So what kind of video quality do you expect?)

cd cover image Obsolete Systems

EMF Media - EM-119

A retrospective of my 1970s and 80s works created with now-long-obsolete mostly-anolog electronic instruments, produced by EMF Media, the record label of The Electronic Music Foundation, released Sept. 2001.

See the Obsolete Systems page on my site for expanded liner notes with links to further information on the historic technologies used.

Available from Forced Exposure.

cd cover image OHM - The Early Gurus of Electronic Music

Ellipsis Arts - CD3670

Boxed 3-cd set with 96 page booklet documenting the history of the medium with works by many composers, released May 2000

cd cover image Miniatures 2 - a sequence of sixty tiny masterpieces

Edited by Morgan Fisher
UK: Cherry Red Records - CDBRED165, Japan: Consipio Multiplex - MXCY80002
Released May 2000.

Originally composed 1990 as soundtrack music for Dan Sandin's video A Volume of Julia Sets is
one of 60 miniature compositions by 60 musicians. As with much music composed for moving images, this works better when you see the video with it 37 mb MPEG (best when downloaded entirely then viewed full screen).

cd cover image The Female of the Species

Law & Auder Records - CD# la13cd, London.

A 2-cd international compilation of works by women experimental composers compiled by Phil Earle.

cd cover image Enhanced Gravity

Yucca Tree Records - YTREGCDR, Berne, Switzerland,

Released August 1999.

Musical composition with accompanying text and several computer art and scanned hand-drawn images by me,
on cd-interactive/cd-rom containing works by 9 mostly-multi-medium artists.

cd cover image Cocks Crow, Dogs Bark: New Compositional Intentions

Leonardo Music Journal CD Series Volume 7 - ISAST 7

Released January, 1998 by MIT Press, this is a companion cd to Leonardo Music Journal #7, and is only available with LMJ #7. My piece on this compilation cd was composed by a process I describe in my article in LMJ 7. This algorithmically composed piece, created by applying information theory to the generation of music, is very beautifully performed on piano by Jyoti Hawley, on a compilation cd of 9 composers.

cd cover image Women in Electronic Music - 1977

Composers Recordings Inc. - CRI CD 728, January, 1998

Originally Titled "Music for New and Electronic Media", and released in 1977 by Tom Buckner's former label, 1750 Arch Records, Berkeley, CA, 1978.

This long-out-of-print LP compilation record includes works by Johanna Beyer, Annea Lockwood, Pauline Oliveros, Megan Roberts, Ruth Anderson, and 2 cuts by Laurie Anderson, as well as my first ever computer piece, composed at Bell Labs:

Computer Music Journal Sound Anthology

This cd was created to accompany the 20th Anniversary Issue of Computer Music Journal
Limited pressing, MIT Press, March, 1996

Contains examples of work by Ghent, Risset, Chowning, Lansky and others as well as these 3 early pieces I created at Bell Labs:

Unseen Worlds

Released on CD late fall 1991 as Scarlet Records Infinity Series - 88802-2,
Out of print March 1992 due to demise of Scarlet Records, Inc.
Re-released on my own Aesthetic Engineering "label" in 1994 as AE-11001-2.

Available from Forced Exposure.

Contains works these works, composed 1987-90:

The Virtuoso in the Computer Age - III

Released summer 1993 on Centaur Compact Discs, CDCM Series, Vol. 13, in conjuntion with the Consortium to Distribute Computer Music - CRC 2166.

This compilation cd also containing works by Larry Austin, Stephen Pope, Joan LaBarbara as well as my 22 minute piece:

Voyager record image Murmurs of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar Record

Released by Warner New Media in fall 1992 on interactive CD-ROM - WNM-1402

Contains, from my computer realization of Kepler's Harmonices Mundi, the short excerpt that was selected to be the first cut on the golden record Sounds of Earth produced for NASA by Carl Sagan et al for 2 NASA Voyager Spacecraft, 1977

New American Music Vol. 2

Capriccio Records LP CR 1002.

Produced by American Women Composers, Washington, DC.
Out of print LP record.

The Expanding Universe

Released 1980 by Philo Records - LP #9003 then from 1984 available from Rounder Records, released in greatly expanded form by Unseen Worlds Records 2012.

Contains 4 pieces created 1974-6 using the GROOVE system at Bell Labs.

Music for New Electronic Media

1750 Arch Records, released 1977.
Out of print LP record.

This LP, which contained early works by several composers, was eventually reissued on CD as CRI CD 728 (listed above).

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