"Some pretty amazing heartfelt molecular inner-happening soundscape soul journeys"
- Terry Riley

"Laurie Spiegel is a sonic explorer. Those looking for other worlds of sound can put on headphones and find them here."
- Craig Anderton

"Laurie Spiegel is one of those rare composers in whom head and heart, left brain and right brain, logic and intuition, merge and even exchange roles."
- Kyle Gann

"Her mature works, which are somwhat Romantic in style, are characterized by emotional intensity"
The New Grove Dictionary of American Music, Vol. IV


Laurie Spiegel - Musical Works

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(Additional lists - soundtracks, dance scores, music for theater, etc - will appear here when time permits.)

Written Scores

Because I got into music largely due to what it did for me to just play it at home for myself, I've tended to write not-too-hard solo pieces meant to be enjoyed by people who like to sight read or just play music at home, versus for public formal concert performance, though these seem to be good for that too. I've also written for large ensemble, but when I write scores - as opposed to doing electronic and computer music - it tends to be for instruments I play myself (guitar, banjo, keyboard, mandolin) and to be more personal and private music.


Most of my music is electronic or computer generated, though, and is therefore recorded rather than written.

Click here for a glimps of my 1970 Electrocomp analog synthesizer.


visit my discography page to listen to RealPlayer files of my pieces.

To hear the intended audio quality, you will need to hear the uncompressed audio on a CD.

Access to My Music

Some small percent of my music is actually available outside of my own home (imagine!) -

My cd Unseen Worlds and my piece Cavis Muris on a cd from the CDCM (Consortium to Distribute Computer Music), and whatever else of mine may be available by now can be found via the links on my discography page or on amazon.com or Forced Exposure.

The EMF's site also contains various useful info about electronic music, and you can find lots of other obscure-but-interesting music by other obscure-but-interesting composers on their site as well.

At this time, the only publically available recording of any music I did using the McLeyvier (which you can see it in the Mellotron Archive's audities.org site and/or at the SynthMuseum) is in the sound track of Norm Beerger's videotape "Tornadoes!!: The Entity".

There is also a whole wall that is full of shelves that are full of tape recordings that are virturally unheard outside of my loft, and a filing cabinet full of unheard scores too, but thats another story too.

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