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This page will host the "Pray by wire" complete gallery. The images now featured are a preview of all the entries we received.

Pictures that show how technologies and religion fuses; pictures as documentary or ironical interpretations. You too, send us your photographic contribution.

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Ohio, USA

Title: If you want to become catholic
Location: Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA
Photo: Ann Mansolino


Title: Call me when you'll arrive
Telephone card


Title: Bubbaale Shimaale
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Text and photos: Ido Bruno

Made in China but produced for the extremely orthodox Jewish community, "Bubbaale Shimaale" (Simon the doll) has some unique features in order to comply with jewish taboo against making or owning humanlike figures eg. four finger hands (non-human), and exaggerated facial proportions. Shimaale is fully wired: Pressing his right palm will make him recite the "Modeh Ani" prayer (typically recited by orthodox children every morning), pressing his left palm will make him recite the "Shema Yisroel" prayer, the most important (short) prayer in the Jewish Religion.

Retail Price:
94.90 Israeli Shekels (approx. 18.9 Euro)
Includes batteries.

Czech Republic

Title: Virgin Mary satellite transmission
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Photo: Ann Mansolino


Photo: Marcello Mercado
Location: Koln, Germany


Title: Virgin Mary's electronic lampadarium
Location: Cathedral of Lisbon
Photo: Claudia Dias


Title: Pepsi, pizza and Jesus
Location: Mansfield, Ohio, USA
Photo: Ann Mansolino


Location: NotreDame, Paris
Photo: DansLaRue.Suspect.it


Title: Antitheft devices...
Location: Padova, Italy


Title: Mosque Azzan alarm clock
Location: Jerusalem, Israel, purchased in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Text and photos: Ido Bruno

Made in China, this Alarm Clock Wakes you up to the sound of an original recording of the Moazine (Azzan) of Meccah, Saudi Arabia (one of three holy cities of Islam). The Clock is disguised as a Koraan (holy book) and has a sofisticated control panel including morning/day switch (different prayers) and a chinese patent pending label.

Batteries not included.


Title: Follow me
Location: Quiapo, Manila Puilippines
Photo: Sharon Atillo Makati City, Phils.


Title: Car radio
RadioMaria (Italian catholic FM radio station)


Title: Desktop altar
Dario Gibellini

from PocketChapel.com website:
"PocketChapel is a christian sofware altar for your computer desktop. A lot of people work more than 8 hours a day on their computers. Know that computertime is lifetime. Give PocketChapel a chance to balance your life or helping you to stand your dark hours.
1. Create your own special christian altar on your Computer.   2. Choose the looking and the furniture of your altar.   3. Place flowers, holy objects and candles on your altar..."


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