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The "Plug'n'Pray" project.

In a time of constant immigration, tensions between ethnic groups become greater than they used to be. Different cultures mingle with each other every day to create new, stimulating and complex crossovers, but at the same this process causes conflicts and frictions. Different macro-groups (people from different nations, ethnic groups or subsequent generations) are on the move. They all carry along different moral values, traditions and points of view on life; different ways of relating to each other, political ideals and religious beliefs. Some of these positions may be in harmony with others and some may clash. Moral values are put into practice, consciously or unconsciously, in a variety of ways besides converting other people: everyday behavior, the educational system, the mass-media, political campaigns, as well as the cruellest genocide in the name of racial supremacy or some religious war all these attitudes state, in different degrees of intensity and mutual (in)tolerance, cultural and moral values. In the northern part of the world religious wars and crusaders no belong to the past. Modern technology and new methods to market religion open up new distribution channels to deliver faith to the end user in ready-to-install kits. Each kit comes in a familiar packaging, like a software product. User-friendly and customizable versions according to the latest trends, needs or personal interests are on display in the shop windows: cheap and easy. This is the concept behind the Plug 'n' Pray concept: religion is no longer a mystical experience or a personal journey to get closer to our transcendent inner dimension - it belongs now to the FCG (Fast Consumer Goods) segment.

What does Plug'n'Pray mean?

The "Plug'n'Pray" concept borrows its name and reinterprets the famous idea behind the "plug and play" technology. PnP is a synonym for easy hardware installation and hassle-free software setup that allows you to immediately start using a new HW device or SW application. "Play" becomes "Pray" - your conversion is instantaneous, smooth and seamless.




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