the international mobile telephone industry wireless application protocol (wap) forum group has approved the set of standards, developed by nokia, to trace sex partners by data transmissions to and from digital mobile handsets.

most significant of the approvals was an upgrade to wap 1.2 data security standard software in order to guarantee privacy during the matching procedure. the move towards deployment of wap applications could outstrip access from desktop pcs to web porno sites, chat channels, eventually drying up the phone and internet sex industry. wap, which is generating an explosion in locality services, may have found its killer application.

says erno enkinen at nokia labs, espoo, "for the first time it will be cheap to know where you, and your possible partner, are located. the classical example is if you are standing on a street, and you need to do a quicky, the phone will find the nearest man or woman with the same needs, and direct you, supposed they fullfil your requirements." the other idea is what researchers call annotated places - that is, when you walk past a horny dick or hot pussy, you will be alerted. the wap trials, based on trl applications, have proven successful. the gprs-based third generatation networks will be able to locally transmit long lists of specifications, including pictures and short videos. the downloadble software for the nokia 7110 series not only comes with usual settings such as gender, age, s/m, anal, penis size, 69, outdoors, but invites users to further explain their sexual desires. erno enkinen: "sextracer will only prove successful if both parties are as specific as possible. the option of plain fucking may soon not be sufficient." though designed for immediate satisfaction in the immediate surroundings, future versions of sextracer will come with global search options.

the operational support system (oss) will facilitate web to phone technologies which book flights and hotel rooms, in case your partner resides in cairo, whereas you are living in kansas city. in both local and global cases, tracing your sex partner will depend on the abilitity of internet and telephony to provide users with accurate intimate data. enkinen: "sex is about smell, touch, imagination as it is about biology, and genes. it is both important to know the odor spectrum of a cunt as is it to fill out forms with naughty words. only if all data match, both phones will indicate the proximity of the partner."

"sextracer released for nokia 7100"
by jeremy strentin
nettime, decemnber 1999