internet registration and information interface + databes

a mobile | handy | cellular - cheap [net.based] art.action: intimate wireless communication. basic purpose = break the loneliness + create a wireless + interactive environment for remote mobile touch.

the beauty of intimate communication inspires the machines to create digital + mechanical actions. the highest (+100%) beauty of art and science = reached when the digital machine makes a physical or mechanical gesture wthout the knowledge of a human being.

an answering machine = the best possible communication partner / messages left on it = poetry.

emotions = not the privilege of living beings, nor of the art only. even supermarkets, cellular phones, satellite technology, multinational corporations, medical equipment + stock exchanges could be + = full of emotions. emotions = real, they have a physical effect on our body: tears = the real material, chemical substance that already exists in our body. sms them. vibrate them. remotely.

there = no place anymore. no location. romanticism, relationships + feelings ++ sex = remote controled.

= not an abstract art. = realistic, practical + displaced environmental art ++ useless consequences.

: communicate + enjoy : this = very sad + lonely art

intim@ virtual base = financialy supported by the ministry of culture of republic of slovenia