['Journey (short)' by Arjun Sen]


Laurie Spiegel: the gracious composer, thinker, innovator and pioneer of so much that we take for granted in tools for e-music today shares a range of thoughts, notes and music

Istvan Horkay: cross-referencing literature and poetry with imagery in Hungary to bare his artist's character and soul with startling images built from hundreds of layers

Lyn Bishop: a lovely artist based so close to the headquarters of so much of e-technology today, in Silicon Valley, who travels the world to incorporate so much else into her lovely images

Steve Danzig: unsettling and sometimes almost unnerving imagery exploring ancient mythology, the underworld,.. perhaps even nightmares from the Exec. Chair of the 2002 International Digital Art Awards

Michael Robinson: a fascinating musical odyssey based on Indian Ragas, Jazz, Asian and African influences, computers and mice, to produce vast epic compositions,.. with no musical instrument involved at all

Anjali Arora: a thorough web-professional who develops images in the computer to render into 'traditional' oil-paintings in her spare time, when not creating fascinating conscience driven standalone communications for her own website

Ansgard Thomson: living and working in a beautiful farm-estate deep in the backwoods of Canada, where winters can stretch half the year seems eminently to suit the temperament of this wonderful artist

Artbots: is the day then not far away when creativity will be taken over entirely by computers and technology,.. or can the ongoing quest for such a goal be viewed as just a wonderfully creative human endeavour in itself? We certainly hope so

Atman Victor: inspiration from psychedelia, mysticism and everything related to unusual phenomena of the mind, along with a dollop of social conscience, has this artist producing fantastic 3D imagery out of sunny Spain

Bharati Mirchandani: a graphic designer and illustrator who has comfortably carried a lot of her personal style across from the drawing-board into digital space, to address all sorts of imaging and print-design work, ranged from postage stamps through to educational illustrations for children and adults

Bob Gluck: certainly the most extraordinary rabbi and music-educator we've ever come across, happily driving his most ancient audio traditions into all sorts of cutting-edge e-music domains all the time, with all sorts of innovative new performance, devices and installations

Vipin Mishra: our good ole young composer and musician friend give us a peek into his new personal project-studio, with a quick run-through on some routing and softwares he's been testing, and of course, some very nice music once again

Chaz Maviyane Davies: the master communicator fought an incredible e-mail and image-attachment battle against the depotic Mugabe regime in the Zimbabwean elections earlier this year, and we feel great to be able to bring you almost the entire story he put out here

Cindy Mills: reading from the images she produces, practicing hypnotherapy professionaly alongside being an artist seems to produce a magic of ~if not from~ many wonderful worlds

EMF @ The Flea: so, what happens when the Electronic Music Foundation puts together a festival in a place called The Flea on Manhattan island? Ah ~ wish we could have been there, dont we??,.. but this will just have to do

Digital Revolution (!?): why them exclamation and question marks? Well, this incident was so foggy that we don't even have an image from the show, or a report from any participant or attendee,.. and even the video we shot at the opening, as you will see, is underexposed and incomprehensible ~ but something happenned

Editorial: no getting away from it ~ I'm back!

Hans-Georg Türstig: hmmm, born in Germany, inspired by India, PhD(phew!), living in America, translator of the Upanishads,.. Hey!, there's something shining through them thar images

Howlin' Wolf: ah!, the classic female form once again,.. explored in an extraordinaly unusal way by someone quite obviously in love with a lovely muse. Is it erotica? Well, who's to tell?

Pandit Jasraj: an extensive and exclusive interview of the legendary Indian classical singer by e-composer Michael Robinson (see above), who structures so much of his subject's influences into his own music, the exchange reveals how musicians and composers from different cultures and streams of practice can often speak quite the same language

Jayanto Banerjee: after years of riding the extreme edge of burn-out at one of India's largest print-publications houses, the wonderfully jovial artist-illustrator at last takes a break to work mainly with black & white at a new job with a major daily newspaper,.. and share some thoughts, memories and images from his gargantaun archives with us

John Antoine Labadie: a privileged peek into the personal image archives, history and perspectives of the artist and educator who directs Media Integration in the Art Department of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Melvin Strawn: the words, wisdom and wonderful images produced from lo-o-ong experience with digital media and deep knowledge of art and it's history, aspirations, directions and definition

Pankaj Parashar: Big catch here! The zany Bollywood director comes out of the closet as a pretty remarkable digital-imaging artist. Turn's out he's a funky e-musician too, but ~with apologies~ we didn't catch on to that in time to drag it out of him this time

Labadie's Students: yep!,.. lucky 'addendum' ~ a super selection of project imaging from a wonderful cross-section of Prof. Labadie's students of Visual Communications, benchmarking creative abilities of a young-adult generation in time, space and situation

Kaathu: bravely and most excellently holding up the Indian end for us here with some pretty distinguished project imaging, R.Saravana Raja can't really serve as a benchmark all alone, but he too is a student of Visual Communications, in India

Keith Wigdor: a self-taught imaging artist who's been developing a distinct and unusual style of his own over the last three years, in an attempt at 'morphing' abstract art and surrealism

Pygoya: one of the best-known and most popular imaging (& dance-art) artists we come across thus far. Amongst the many extraordinary projects that Dr. Rodney Chang is associated with or has deployed himself is a 3D museum for his artworks on the web

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne: flash-flash-flash,.. and grave societal matters is what this most unusual artist operating out of Germany is all about,.. along with some pretty heavyweight global web-projects

Scott Ferry: the quintessential family-man artist who also works with a bit of flash,.. in addition to stills with computer, mouse, paper, pencil, paints and anything and everything else he feels could contribute positively to his excellent imaging

Ursula Freer: a gracious lady-artist partly wrought in the fires of experiences most of us would never wish to have, producing images that speak softly,.. and soothe

Warren Furman: e-musician, imaging-artist and copper-furniture craftsman extraordinaire ~ a genuine do-it-yourselfer who heartily embodies the ever widening convergence of creative abilities in single individuals, which has always excited us so much more than just the mere convergence of diverse technologies in new devices (pity we found out too late to do anything about it that Warren's audio may not play back on some PCs ~ ed.)

3D print: quick peek at what's on the table and upcoming with regard to printing out them virtual 3D objects that so many of us have been modeling in virtual space over the last few years. Did we predict two years ago that there'd be an affordable desktop model hitting high streets in 2002-2003? Yes we did. So, were we wrong? Um,... maybe

Looking out for Small Fish: an insider commentary on last winter's international "New Media Art" seminar run by the Goethe Institut in Germany, from Sonia Khurana, the new media artist who attended the meet as the (only) sponsored delegate from India

2 Essays: the wonderful Ansgard Thomson shares a couple of her fascinating writings on, respectively, the new (to many of us) phenomenon of cyber-relationships, and the big question of what, if anything, constitutes an 'original' piece of digital-imaging art

Timeless in Digital Country: the ongoing digital-imaging diary of Catherine Yakovina the delightful artist from St. Petersburg, Russia

EHCC: commentary on the EHCC (East Hawaii Cultural Center) Cyberart Exhibition in Hawaii, from Hans-Georg Tuerstig

IDAA: call for entries to the 2003 International Digital Art Awards, organized out of Australia

Spiderman!!: lucky-ducky you, we've put in the Spidey movie-trailer to serve as a fun general reference benchmark on movies and special effects of H1-2002