Art as Activism
'Out of the Loop' by Vipin Mishra


Memory is so short ~ ah!

In the course of the recent, and recently forgotten, Zimbabwean elections, it often seemed that almost the entire civilized world stood up to be counted against the incumbent strong-arm president and prime-candidate Mr. Robert Mugabe. An absolute corruption of the electoral process was expected ~and ensued~ and several groups of international observers (including the BBC) were even denied entry into the country.

Many good Zimbabweans fought this unequal battle against evil from within and many also fought from exile. Amongst the latter, one of the most incredible attacks came from the inimitable Chaz Maviyane-Davies, who took the campaign incredibly into cyberspace, scattering scathing visual commentaries daily across the globe, by e-mails and image-attachments to his "Portal of Friends".

His messages and images from this campaign are reproduced below in a salute to the artist, his work and his principles. (several messages in this series were however never received by us in the normal course, and we've left our collection here that way)

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth
Date: 05 February 2002 04:51

Portal of Truth

Where sometimes words fail us, images have always been captivating. They are a reflection of our lives and are part of the political landscape. They exert an influence over societies, attitudes and opinions and bear witness to the injustices of our times while they inform, educate, decorate and warn us against complacency. Ultimately they add to our life experience.

During the countdown to the Zimbabwe 2000 elections many of you will remember I produced around 50 "graphic commentaries" in an attempt to chronicle and highlight the many issues that shaped the reality and atmosphere of our predicament, with one aim in mind, -to raise the consciousness of our situation and similar ones in the world at large. These were distributed daily by email on the internet.

I felt I could contribute something through the positive use of design to bring about some awareness to the abuse and violations of our rights being perpetrated in Zimbabwe. Also given the absolute lack of voter education/information around, which should be the duty of any responsible government except ours, (as this would contradict every aspect of their violent campaign) I also wanted to disseminate ideas out there for interested civic rights groups and individuals to harvest and even use in some way if they could.

Although I wished I could have spread these images farther and to a wider audience through another medium, I was personally inhibited by the exorbitant cost of printing. The internet at least gave me an opportunity and means to successfully share ideas and hopefully connect with those who can print/publish and distribute. Often these people are at a loss in garnering the relevant professionals to help them effectively present their messages and information to enable them to react-to and counter the terror and disinformation that engulfed us.

Faced with a voters roll in a mess and countless other irregularities meant that scores of genuine citizens would not have a voice. There was and remains the daunting problems of intimidation and violence that cast a dark shadow over whole process and the future.

In my soul I believed that against all odds, the people of Zimbabwe could muster the spiritual resistance and vote to ensure a living legacy without fear for themselves and their children, because this was clearly about good against evil. The alternative was and is suicide.

My approach was simply to appeal to the courage, dignity and righteousness of our intentions and hope that this would inspire positive action.

While those elections proved that we could change the political landscape, one major obstacle remains, the head of state, -more dangerous, arrogant and vengeful than ever.

The Zimbabwe presidential elections are to be held on 9th & 10 March, once again under a cloud of violence and intimidation, that has surpassed our worst nightmares. Now Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party cynically cloak their human rights abuses in legislation using using laws to dismember and disenfranchise our citizenry. The country is practically destroyed, and on its knees facing hunger and starvation because of the power hungry.

A vindictive tyrant's way of leaving no stone unturned, is simply to smash it to bits. Our backs are against the wall, disfigured and ignored, while the world watches and wags the finger of 'smart' sanctions, at our transgressor, after the deed is done.

To imagine that these elections will be free and fair, is to insult our intelligence and dignity. The ruling party's campaign of fear and oppression is being used like a branding iron by an authority determined to silence the will of the nation by any means necessary.

As an Indian proverb reminds us "A cobra will bite you, even if you call it Mr. Cobra."

Maybe I am being unrealistic, and blinded by faith in humanity, but from today through the internet, I begin another month of graphic activism called 'The portal of truth' (which the government has already created new laws to deem them illegal). As with the graphic commentaries I will try to send an image a day, to Zimbabwe and the world, until the elections commence.

Once again these images are intended for all and anybody's eyes and can be disseminated and used in any way and every way to spread the truth about our deteriorating situation. The madness has to be stopped and if these images can make the slightest difference, then they need to be out there.

If for any reason you do not wish to receive the images, please let me know and I will amend the list accordingly.

In faith and action,

Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Attached is the first image:

Portal 1 -State Terrorism
The conical tower at Great Zimbabwe is the symbol of our beloved country.
The plane is emblazoned with the name and insignia of the ruling party.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 2
Date: 06 February 2002 05:43

Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.
-Jules de Gaultier


I was astounded by the response I got to the first image sent just YESTERDAY.

When I created the first 'graphic commentaries' series in 2000, I had no idea they would be so far-reaching but the anticipation of this series has been touching, positive and overwhelming.

Like wildfire, they have started to feature on some important web-sites. Newspapers and magazines are interested, organizations, companies and even embassies have asked to be included on the mailing list. Beside Zimbabwe, requests from Brazil to Egypt, Sweden to Iran show the solidarity with our struggle for truth, tolerance and justice.

I thank you for you encouragement and support.

I would like to answer every email but my schedule and other commitments mean that almost all my time is accounted for over the next month. In the next few days I will be setting up a web-site from where anybody who wants the images, is free to download them. I will let you know when that is up and you can pass that around.

I am also listening to your suggestions and ideas to see how they can be incorporated in the series. I would ask you to be patient though as there are many topics and issues that need to be addressed and some of these can't be rushed.

Besides our evil regime, time is also my enemy and I will try my best to create an image a day at least. This means, like everything else in life, some images will be stronger than others. Some will be simpler than others but ultimately the most important goal is to get the messages out there.

Finally again, please feel free to distribute these (emailed, printed, photocopied etc.) to who ever wants them, especially those who need to see them (policy and decision makers) and those who can use them (our tortured brothers and sisters with no access to technology).

As Gandhi passionately said "Become the change you seek"

Take Courage,

Chaz Maviyane-Davies


Attached is the next image:

Portal 2
As they squeeze the life-blood out of our vanquished country those who can, must vote for change.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of truth 3
Date: 08 February 2002 08:11

Attached is the next image:

Portal 3
Since Mugabe's campaign of terror, well over 100 members of the opposition party MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) have been targeted and murdered and probably many more will be in the near future unless the madness is stopped.

This image is dedicated to them.

The open hand is the symbol of the MDC and ordinary people show this openly in the streets and at rallies, meaning they want CHANGE.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of truth 4
Date: 08 February 2002 08:12

Attached is the next image:

Portal 4

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of truth 5
Date: 09 February 2002 07:47

Attached is the next image:

Portal 5
A constant. My vote won't make a difference.
These words have been around for a while and needed a title and a graphic treatment. We need to be reminded.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 6
Date: 10 February 2002 04:38

Attached is the next image:

Portal 6

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of truth 7
Date: 11 February 2002 02:09

Attached is the next image:

Portal 7

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 8
Date: 12 February 2002 03:25

Attached is the next image:

Portal 8

The Bulawayo Offices of The Daily News, Zimbabwe's independent and leading daily paper were petrol bombed today (11 February 2002) around 3 am in the morning. The printing press of Daily Press (not related to daily news), a printing company that printed campaign material's for the opposition Movement For Democratic Change, were also bombed.

Last week, the offices of The Daily News were plastered with campaign posters of President Robert Mugabe. The government accuses the paper of "misrepresenting information" and supporting the opposition.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 9
Date: 13 February 2002 04:29

Attached is the next image:

Portal 9
Just as Milosevic was sent packing by the people, Mugabe needs to be reminded of some other African leaders of similar stripe, who overstayed their welcome and got the boot. Read between the lines......

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 10
Date: 14 February 2002 08:40

Robert Mugabe defied the European Union two days ago, announcing that its observers would not be allowed to monitor Zimbabwe's presidential election. The Harare government said Pierre Schori, the former Swedish Cabinet minister chosen to lead the group, had arrived as a "tourist" and would not be granted accreditation as an observer.

Comment: Pierre Schori led the EU delegation during the June 2000 Parliamentary Elections. Most agreed that the EU report was the most credible of all the observer reports because of the relatively long time spent in-country by the observation team and because of the relative size of the team -- the largest of all observer missions.

Are there still any doubters out there on how free and fair our elections will be?

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 11
Date: 15 February 2002 07:40

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence
of our friends.
Martin Luther King Jr.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 12
Date: 16 February 2002 02:17

In an attempt to smear the name and discredit the political campaign of the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Robert Mugabe's government will stop at nothing.

According to the MDC leader, the Zimbabwean government contracted a murky Canadian consultant who managed to get a video shown on Australian Television a few days ago, allegedly showing Tsvangirai discussing the assassination of Mugabe.

The London Telegraph said that the footage is of such poor quality that no one at the meeting can be identified. (In this day and technological age?)

The London Guardian quotes Time magazine as saying Menashe (the consultant) was "a veteran spinner of stunning-if-true-but yarns". The paper says he has in the past been ruthlessly attacked in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and New Republic, all of the US.

While this war of words continues let us not forget the millions of ordinary people with 'cross hairs' trained on them by a regime that is out of control. This is not fiction as hundreds of graves can testify.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 13
Date: 17 February 2002 04:10

Attached is the next image:

Portal 13

The beginning of the end

On this sordid 2nd anniversary of the farm invasions, lest we forget the mess we are in because of greed and power. Of course one man's greed is everyone else's hunger.

As this mayhem sets in, the land thirsts and remains arid and unproductive. A once fertile nation now faces starvation and hopefully all those growling stomachs will equate to votes of determination.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 14
Date: 18 February 2002 05:21

Over the last few months there has been increasing evidence of the youth militia involved in organized violence of having received formal training in torture techniques. However, a new and very disturbing form of torture has emerged in the last few weeks, with even more long-term ramifications for the victims than the physical and psychological trauma sustained with physical torture.

Forced rape by men, witnessed both by the perpetrators of the violence and others, is being imposed on the victims, with the victims being forced to have sexual intercourse with other victims, either heterosexual or homosexual, with the perpetrators "supervising" the act. The result of this in each case documented has been a victim with a severe genital infection, with marked psychological trauma. The long-term consequence will be men and women unable to function within their marriage, or within their communities.

The long-term consequences to each of these victims, both partners in the forced sexual act, is life threatening, to both them, their spouse and their future children with the very real risk of the victims contracting HIV. Reproductive ability is also threatened as one of the complications of untreated genital infections is infertility.

Amani Trust

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 15
Date: 19 February 2002 06:01

An interdenominational church service in Bulawayo on Saturday ended in the arrest of eleven people. The service, one of a regular series, was planned to take the form of a walking procession from church to church in the Bulawayo suburb of Hillside, with services held in each church. The Rev. Noel Scott of the Anglican Church, who organised the service, had been sent a letter from the local police forbidding a march on the grounds that they couldn't guarantee the walkers' safety. Rev Scott read the letter before the first service, and suggested that since the march rather than the services themselves had been banned, the procession take place in cars rather than on foot. This was done, and at each service a police presence was observed. At the final service the police walked up to Rev Scott while he was delivering his sermon. Some words were quietly said, and the police then waited for him outside the church, where he was arrested under the new Public Order & Security Act.

The other clergy present went with him to the charge office and knelt on the floor and prayed. They were arrested for disturbing the peace.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 16
Date: 20 February 2002 06:32

As New Yorker Boss Tweed once said of Thomas Nast: "My constituents can't read, but ... those damn pictures!"


As the madness grows in Zimbabwe, so too does my mail box. The response to the 'portals of truth' is quite amazing and I am glad that so many of you appreciate their existence. After a few articles in newspapers around the world I find I am inundated with messages, ideas and requests to be included on the mailing list. It seems like I spend more time administering this than working on the images -but that is fine, as some truths need to be told so that we hopefully never repeat them again.

With this in mind, there WILL be a website up by the end of the week, which will host all the images and previous images used to fight tyranny in our beloved country.

As I have mentioned before, these images can be downloaded free and distributed freely (emailed, printed, photocopied etc.) to who ever wants them, especially those who need to see them (policy and decision makers) and those who can use them (our tortured brothers and sisters with no access to technology). There will be LOW and HIGH resolutions of all the images available for whatever your practical needs are (internet, printing, the
press etc.). All I ask is that you don't manipulate the images to insert your own slant or message over the original.

I would ask you once again to please be patient as my schedule and other commitments mean that I cannot reply all of your mail but I will let you all know when the new website is up and running.

I thank you again for you encouragement and support.

Take Courage,

Chaz Maviyane-Davies


Portal 16

There was mayhem in the central business district of Harare yesterday after about 5 000 Zanu PF supporters bussed from outside Harare, ran amok, beating up and injuring innocent people and tearing newspapers. Mugabe's henchmen stoned the headquarters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) as they rampaged through the city.

Opposition members who left the building were arrested by riot police massed in the city.

The attack on the MDC headquarters came shortly after militants stormed the seat of city government, where MDC candidates were filing nomination papers for municipal elections, witnesses said. Police sealed off the Town House building, where several ambulances were seen leaving. Vendors at a market across the street said the attack sent throngs of people fleeing, only to be chased by pro-government militants brandishing sticks, shovels and bricks.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 17
Date: 21 February 2002 06:19

A friend from the AMANI TRUST in Zimbabwe writes:

For the last few days I have helped typing reports on the last two weeks violence.
50 or so reported incidents, of the hundreds happening, but are not seen.

A few simple lines on paper:

"50 Zanu PF youth came to my homestead at 1am.
They called me out accusing me of being a member of the Movement of Democratic Change.
They stoned my house, broke the windows, burnt down the door.
They took me to their base.
They made me lie down.
They beat me all over my body.
They beat me with logs and sjambocks and fan belts.
On my buttocks, on the soles of my feet, on my head.
I cannot see properly.
I am now in pain.
I have bad dreams."

A few lines on a piece of paper to give the 'Foreign Election Observers'.
Making 'observable' what is not 'observable'.

A few simple lines on a report
Representing the loss of dignity, health, homes, loved ones.

A few young men
Mostly children newly born in the 'last war'
Being offered money and 'training' and a 'tribe'
And being taught by their elders,
to perpetuate this violence.

A few simple 'bases' set up across the countryside.
In community halls/ farm buildings/ growth points.
Rooms that have held other lives.
Now splattered with blood.

So much destruction - to save one man
who we gave so much unquestioned power.

May we never do this again!

A few brave humans
Meet to plan peace today.

A few brave humans
walk the streets - in Harare and London to say 'no'.

A few brave humans
stitch up the victims
Write letters to the paper
Organise to witness the elections
Face off the militia on the bus,
chase them out of their suburb
out of their community.

And the impetus grows............
The ancestral spirits speak to the elders
The chiefs begin to call back their children.
A woman begins her plan - to plant a million trees.
Two others turn their family farm into a rural resource centre.

And the simple people of Zimbabwe call back their power.

19 days to go.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 18
Date: 22 February 2002 04:33

Attached is the next image:

Portal 18

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 19
Date: 23 February 2002 02:03

Militant members of President Mugabe's party have set up at least 22 militia bases across Zimbabwe to launch violent government-backed forays of torture and oppression, human rights groups claimed yesterday. The Human Rights Forum, an alliance of independent groups, said organised political violence has continued without decline throughout the country, leaving at least eight dead in the first few days of this month. The forum said: "In most cases, victims are abducted to bases ... these bases are springboards for the militia operating in the area and also serve as torture centres."

According to the HRF, the militia bases are on farms, in townships and at rural trading posts. A statement said: "Victim statements have increasingly indicated the youth militia involved in organised violence have received formal training". At one of the Zanu-PF party bases at the Mahusekwa Growth Point, abducted victims were beaten and, in some cases, tortured sexually, the statement said. Human rights groups say 36 people died in political violence in Zimbabwe in 2000 and 89 last year. They say most were black opposition supporters. The forum said there were 159 reported cases of torture in the first 16 days of this month, compared to 142 in the whole of January.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 20
Date: 24 February 2002 05:54

MOSES Oguti, the editor-in-chief of a Botswana magazine, Trans-Kalahari, is still languishing in Mutare prison a week after his arrest for allegedly sneaking into the country through the Forbes border post. -Daily News. Saturday 23rd February

This image is dedicated to all journalists around the world.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 21
Date: 25 February 2002 06:12

Prisoners of fear
By Trevor Ncube

I HAVE always maintained that Zimbabweans are generally a timid and docile lot. Peace-loving and God-fearing even to a fault. This is the principal reason they have remained largely deathly silent as the Zanu PF government has maimed and killed their loved ones and trashed their fundamental human rights with impunity. A violent and vociferous minority, instigated by an unpopular regime and financed by public funds, has unleashed unprecedented mayhem and embarked on a deliberate campaign of terror and intimidation to frustrate the majority from freely expressing themselves and associating with whomsoever they wish.

The frightened majority has also been subjected to all manner of insult from a government that is itself running scared. Indeed, the irony of it all is that we have a scared regime venting its frustration on an equally terrified population. The people donít yet seem to realise the power that lies in their sheer numbers. They have not awoken to the fact that they are in the majority and that a determined, concerted and unified peaceful action could so easily undo the evil designs of the minority bullies.

March 9/10 provides Zimbabweans with an opportunity to say enough is enough of this murderous regime and liberate themselves once again. I have no doubt in my mind that Zimbabweans will not let pass this opportunity to rid themselves of this odious clique that has made their lives a living hell over the past two years.

Driving along Jason Moyo Avenue on Monday afternoon I came face-to-face with this tyrannical minority. Rarely have I felt so frightened, helpless and totally vulnerable as I did as over 5 000 Zanu PF thugs rushed in my direction leaving a swathe of destruction in their wake. I could not escape as fast as I needed to, trapped as I was in the busy lunch hour traffic. People took off in all directions for dear life. Those unable to escape in time were assaulted indiscriminately for no apparent reason other than that they happened to be in the path of this senseless political mob.

Why have things come to this I asked myself as I tried to extricate myself from the confusion. Perhaps the most frightening thing was that the police, charged with protecting us from this kind of madness, were spectators in all this.

There is no doubt that the election has already been seriously rigged through violence and intimidation of voters, the Citizenship Act which disenfranchised many, amendments to the Electoral Act and the Public Order and Security Act. And more rigging will take place on the actual voting day and during the counting stage. But I remain convinced that the people's determination to rid themselves of this regime is more potent than the combined effects of violence, intimidation, rigging and unjust laws. The people's passion and craving for change is palpable and an outcome that fails to deliver this will generally be perceived as a stolen ballot. Apart from the violence and the intimidation there is absolutely no reason why people should vote for Zanu PF. What is it that the ruling party is capable of doing to change the nation's fortunes which it has not been able to do over the past 21 years? Absolutely nothing!

That the election will not be free and fair is now common knowledge. But will Zanu PF be so foolish as to carry out a wholesale rigging of the election to the extent that it overturns the people's overwhelming desire for change? This is possible. But would Zanu PF be able to live with the consequences of a stolen election? I doubt it.

I remain very robust about the election outcome. Zimbabweans might be a timid and docile lot but I think the savagery and beatings might just be what they needed to find their collective courage and voice. It is now or never.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 22
Date: 26 February 2002 06:03

Every day it's something else, as an embattled regime turn every which way to cling onto power. Is the blood running through the country's fields and gutters not enough, are the hastily amended laws of evil not enough, is disenfranchising half a nation not enough..... obviously not, as the plot thickens with misery and despair.

By the time you wake up in the morning you will have learned that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who stands against president Robert Mugabe in presidential elections in 12 days, was charged with high treason today, over allegations he had plotted to kill Mugabe. The charge came after Tsvangirai was interrogated by police for three-and-a-half hours at police headquarters in Harare, over a controversial Australian television documentary which alleged it had filmed him discussing plans to assassinate Mugabe. The charge carries a maximum penalty of death.

As a friend writes "I can't help but think of another courageous man who was charged with 'High Treason' by an equally cruel, immoral, and racist regime... Nelson Mandela."

Sometimes an image can't conjure up the madness engulfing our country, just a feeling thought out loud by millions of people.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 23
Date: 27 February 2002 04:02

Attached is the next image:

Portal 23

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 24
Date: 28 February 2002 06:48

ZW is the abbreviated international acronym for Zimbabwe.

Daily News Zimbabwe 2/27/02

Teachers flee Zanu PF terror

FOUR teachers at Rusiti High in Chimanimani on Monday fled the school after they allegedly received death threats from suspected soldiers, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents, war veterans and Zanu PF youths.

The teachers are Gilbert Undenge, Elijah Chitango, Howard Sibanda and Taona Tsopo. They went into hiding after the group descended on the school between Thursday and Monday.

A shaken Undenge, 37, who has been at the school since 1991, said yesterday: "Last Thursday, Zanu PF led by Major Zephania Mutisi, organised a rally at our school and ordered all villagers to attend.

"The youths chanted slogans, threatening to kill us. They accused us of being MDC supporters. They demanded that we leave the school immediately. We defied them and remained at the school."

On Saturday, Undenge said, while he was at Ngorima business centre, Mutisi threatened to kill him if he continued to defy his orders to vacate the school premises.

"The following day, a group of about 60 war veterans and Zanu PF youths invaded the school and surrounded my house," said Undenge. "They chanted Zanu PF slogans and demanded that I come out of the house. I refused and then they proceeded to stone the house shattering all the windows.

"On Monday soldiers and members of the CIO led by Joseph Mwale threatened to kill us if we did not comply with the war veterans' orders. They
subsequently arrested three MD youths."

A judge last year ordered that Mwale be probed for the murder of two MDC activists in 2000, but the Attorney General's Office and the police have not obliged.

The other teachers are reported to have gone underground.

Meanwhile, about 100 suspected Zanu PF supporters on Tuesday torched the house of James Dhliwayo, an MDC supporter, at Tanganda business centre in Chipinge North.

Pishai Muchauraya, MDCs spokesman in Manicaland, said: "We reported the case to the police, but were not issued with an RRB number."

A policeman at Chipinge police station confirmed the incident and said investigations were underway.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 25
Date: 01 March 2002 05:19

Attached is the next image:

Portal 25

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 26
Date: 02 March 2002 08:13

As we are one week away from the election, I will try to send 2 commentaries a day in an effort to cover more of the situation and other pertinent issues.

At a conference in Johannesburg, on 28th September, 1998, President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa outlined a vision for a new Africa which he dubbed 'The African Renaissance'.

He began by saying:

"I am certain that many of the delegates saw the article which appeared in one of our Sunday papers, yesterday, written by Guinness Ohazuruike, commenting on this Conference.

As you will recall, the article ends with the words:

"For long our people have suffered untold hardship. For long our collective destiny has been compromised by selfish rulers. This Conference should not end up another academic talk-shop irrelevant to the needs of the common man. We want practical solutions to our problems. This is our chance."

I would like to believe that all of us are meeting here today because we are moved by the same spirit of impatience reflected in this appeal and are committed to addressing the needs of both the common man and the common woman, with special emphasis in the latter"

he continues:

"The new African world which the African Renaissance seeks to build is one of democracy, peace and stability, sustainable development and a better life for the people, non-racism and non-sexism, equality among the nations and a just and democratic system of international governance. None of this will come about of it's own. In as much as we liberated ourselves from colonialism through struggle, so will it be that the African Renaissance will be victorious only as a result of a protracted struggle that we ourselves must wage."


Where is he and all the other African Nationalist's and Pan-Africanist's of SADC' (Southern African Development Community) solidarity today?

You guessed it, with the bloodletters, even while their own observers are being mugged in broad daylight. Hypocrisy has never been more apparent.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 27
Date: 02 March 2002 06:56

This is a modified version of an image I sent out 2 years ago ~ the original symbol and current nickname for the ruling party is "Jongwe", which means cockerel.

The story below is also related to Portal 26.

Terror spreads

Daily News Zimbabwe 3/01/02

Several people were injured or displaced in gruesome cases of violence and torture throughout the country this week, despite claims by Kaire Mbuende, the head of the Namibian election observer mission, that the independent Press was exaggerating the incidence of violence.

One person was killed as violence intensified in Nkayi, Hwedza and Marondera this week.

In Nkayi, the police yesterday morning discovered the charred remains of an MDC activist, Newman Bhebhe, abducted by a group of war veterans and former dissidents.

In Marondera, two men are fighting for their lives after being tortured by seven Zanu PF youths who left them for dead at a base behind Marondera High School early on Monday.

Their assailants used knives to brand the inscription, MDC, on their backs. One person escaped death in Hwedza after he was shot on the arm by a group of Zanu PF youths.

These incidents are in sharp contrast to Mbuendes assertions that violence was on the decline ahead of the 9-10 March presidential election.

Mbuende told journalists in Harare this week: "It is our considered view that the prevalence of violence is exaggerated. This is unfortunate as exaggeration of anything tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy."

The MDC dismissed Mbuende's statement as "most unfortunate and uncalled for".

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) described the utterances as "nauseating and irritating".

Lovemore Matombo, the ZCTU president, said similar spurious statements had been made by the Southern African Development Community foreign ministers.

He said: "We are sick and tired of these people. We, Zimbabweans, are being beaten, raped, tortured and killed. We know the situation better than they do."

Matombo said the president of the Civil Service Employees' Association, Ephraim Tapa, and his wife were still missing yesterday after they were abducted by Zanu PF supporters two weeks ago in Mutoko.

Meanwhile, Sydney Sekeramayi, the MP for Marondera East and Minister of Defence, denied there was violence in the town after he addressed a meeting there on Sunday.

Sekeramayi is alleged to have called for a search "for the culprits" behind the burning of a Zanu PF car last week.

"He said substantial rewards would be offered to those who would have done the job," said a resident.

One victim of the alleged violence said: "They knocked on the door around 2am and when I came out they dragged me into a car and took me to 'kwashefu camp' where they beat me and others and cut us with knives."

He received more than 30 stitches on his back and face.

Others sustained burns on their buttocks but would not recall how they were inflicted as they had passed out.

They were later dumped near Marondera High School behind the torture camp.

Bopoto Nyandoro, the chairman of the Zimbabwe Victims Rehabilitation Support Network in Marondera, said several people had approached his office after fleeing from the terror.

"It is mostly MDC supporters who are on the receiving end," said Nyandoro. Last week, James Sibanda, a village head in Nkayi, was murdered by a group of war veterans who accused him of supporting the MDC.

Several schools in Nkayi have been closed after teachers were assaulted by war veterans.

In Bulawayo, a man was stoned to death at a nightclub on Tuesday. Eight Zanu PF members were arrested in connection with the incident.

Witnesses said the incident started after the eight party members ordered two men sharing a mug of opaque beer to show them their Zanu PF party membership and national identity cards.

One told them he had left his particulars at home.

The youths then kicked the beer mug, spilling the beer, and a fight ensued. Inspector Mthokozisi Manzini Moyo, the police spokesman in Bulawayo, refused to comment.

In Other News:

Terror spreads

Muzenda suffers stroke

MDC campaign rally to go ahead as police lift ban

High Court order on poll reversed

Prison officers in court for allegedly assaulting inmates

Editor's note:

Somehow, this continuum of communications from Chaz is interrupted at least for us after this, and we receive only three more communications in the series.

For the record ~ No, we did not inquire about it.

From: "Chaz Maviyane-Davies" <>
To: "Portal of friends 2" <>
Subject: Portal of Truth 34
Date: 06 March 2002 10:19

The open hand is the symbol of the MDC and ordinary people show this openly in the streets and at rally's, meaning they want CHANGE.

Portal 41

All the Portal of truths can be seen and downloaded from

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

ATLANTA, GA: The Carter Center encourages the people of Zimbabwe to remain determined to vote in the presidential elections on March 9-10, 2002, even though the government of Zimbabwe has not met its responsibilities to ensure that conditions for open and peaceful elections are in place.

"Although this election is already seriously flawed and The Carter Center cannot be there, we want to express our support for the people of Zimbabwe and their courageous commitment to preserve the democratic process," said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. The Carter Center has been following events in Zimbabwe closely and recently sent a delegation to Zimbabwe that sought, but did not receive, an invitation to observe the forthcoming presidential elections.

The Center is deeply concerned about continued reports of political violence, internal displacement of the population, the activities of armed militias unchecked by the government and police actions that have violated basic political rights and freedoms. In particular, the application of draconian public law and order legislation has prevented parties from campaigning freely.

The Carter Center has impartially observed 35 elections in 20 countries, including the 1999 and 2001 presidential elections in neighboring Mozambique and Zambia, respectively. "Our support for free elections in Zimbabwe reflects the democratic aspirations of Zimbabweans and is not an imposition from outside. Ever since I was president, I consistently supported the cause of national liberation but always with the goal of a free, prosperous, and democratic Zimbabwe," Carter said.

From: Chaz Maviyane-Davies <>
To: Portal of friends 2 <>
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Every person in the country that can vote is voting
Even those struck of the roll are in the queues to make their protest

The voting rate in some stations is 10 to 15 per hour!
Queues in the high density suburbs are getting fractious at the deliberate delays

Riot police (heavily armed) are now being deployed in most high density suburbs.

Taxis have been hired by Zanu PF to bring militants in from the rural areas to upset the queues

Numerous polling stations have closed

14 farmers ferrying people to poling stations have been arrested and detained

Chaos reigns


Needless to say. Mugabe 'won' the poll, and continues to reign as President of Zimbabwe today ~ ed.