Another hard day over, Whew!!!
And time to hit the bed, what a joy,
To stretch out on those cool sheets,
letting your muscles limp,
and surrendering to SLEEEEEP!!

Hey, but I can't seem to sleep, what's wrong?
Toss & turn, turn & toss, but nothing works.
I'm sure I was dead tired, so why can't I sleep?

Wait a minute, yes that's it, THAT'S IT.
It is too QUIET to sleep!
It's the dark, soundless night,
that is keeping me awake.

Can you hear the heavy silence?
The uneasy, desolate silence?
Unbearable silence,quiet that is so ummm.. unquieting;
or should it be disquieting?
Never mind!!!

Where is my urban lullaby,
that familiar, soothing medley,
of assorted sounds,
Noises too at times,
that we, urban animals that we are,
need so desperately.



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©2001 Anjali Arora ,
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