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© 2002 Anjali Arora,
March 24, 2002

"What's for news today" is in the nature of a fairy-tale with simplistic solutions and a happy ending.
The impetus to make this piece has come from a deep disgust at the violence, hatred and mistrust that seem to have engulfed the world.The horrific audacity of the Sept 11 attacks on the US, the equally horrific bombing of Afghanistan, the eternal Palestine-Israel conflict, the barbaric slaughter of humans in the recent riots in Gujarat, India: all these leave the average, thinking person feeling absolutely helpless.

But I also wonder which is worse: the actual events, or the relentless 'in your face' coverage provided by the hyper-activity of our world media.Are not the events made larger than life by the unending attention and platform provided by these indefatigable journalists.

And wouldn't the media be doing more good in the long run, by focussing attention on the real achievers and agents of change, rather than on mischief-making politicians, notorious businessmen, provocateurs of social strife, etc.

Being a firm believer in technology and its potential for good, I await the day I can personalise and customize the news that is delivered to my door-step.I await a 'Deep-Mauve' discovery.

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