['Slidin' on a Groove' by Arjun Sen]


Joel Chadabe
A true pioneer & leader in everything to do with technology-based activities as music,.. including the music!

Chaz Maviyane Davies
An incredible communicator and commentator on incredible issues, via incredible images

FX Factory
One of India's leading animation outfits, from deep inside the bigtime of big bad Bollywood

Ileana Frómeta Grillo
Spectular artistry from the gentle Venezuelan artist

The Crossing Project
Review and overview of a relatively massive technology-art project from the Xerox-PARC folks in India

German Art Videos (big video ~ may load slow)
A fascinating representative selection from the 1980s & 90s, along with a couple of original texts on the ongoing project that put the whole (much larger) collection together

This cheerful young son of hugely successful Assamese folk artistes carries his rich heritage lightly into the world of technology-based music

Renata Spiazzi
A popular, successful and delightful imaging artist with bags of awards to show for bags of great work

Rudy Wallang
Technology-empowered arts are reaching out into hitherto lost little corners of the world today, to the sound of music-sweet-music all the way

Sophie Gaur
A great example of how professionals are finding themselves able to pursue and experiment with the arts alongside their mainstrean occupations

Tom Chambers
Photographer, artist, curator, thinker and so much else on the brilliant side of the balance

Martine Jacobs
Delightful attitude, art and endeavour mark out this lady as one comfortably making a great mark for herself wherever she may find herself

Dima Yakovina & Vijay Bhatt
Kids at the digital easel will hopefully still always be kids, like these two bright young lads growing up far from each other in a Russian city (Dima) and an Indian mountain village (Vijay) respectively

Warren Burt
Creativity boils in so many different ways in this Australian artist's blood that even his music is about lots more than just the sound of music

Ingrid Kamerbeek
Only good things can happen when a succesful 'conventional' artist and gallery-operator goes digital

Karamjeet Singh
A deep continuing influence upon the folks behind The IDEA and lots of other folks slugging it out with computer-based creative-practices in his circle of friends, acquaintences and admirers

Nilanjan Das
Yes ~ he's back,.. but with mainly 'offline' work that he's been busying himself with when not preoccupied with working as one of the busiest publishing-house artists in India

Anando Dutta
Stream of thought from the well-known Indian designer and artist, alongwith a series of images from some of his more recent commercial assignments

Retiring to 'paint' was never like this,.. but results can often be surprisingly similar

Catherine Yakovina
Stream of thought on "Art in Digital Country" from this delightful Russian artist,.. alongwith a great kiddie story (don't miss the link)

What's to say? Editorial privilege being exercised up front again? Ah-ha!

TV & Print Ads
Another great collection of representative television advertising and some print ads of the last six months from 'TV Ad Indx'

Digital Art Perspectives
A lucky collection of personal perspectives on digital-imaging and the marketplace from a fascinating cross-section of artists responding to an art-publising heavyweight

Final Fantasy (overview)
Checking out what's being said about the film that's being touted about as the first full-length digitally-animated feature film built around digitally-created 'human' characters. And yes, it's a take-off on the game by the same name

fineArt forum
Short introduction to the online newsletter that's taken so seriously by so many people around the world

Antonio Mendoza
An extraordinary artist

Digital Desires
A quick peek at a couple of newbie technology offerings that're looking to get e-artists empowered on the go

Even tragedy gets expressive and creative juices moving, even though the actual creative act may just be the forwarding of e-mails and/or image-attachments

A short history and overview of the outfit that went up and then down as emblematic of the whole Dot.com to Dot.gone story in India

Midi Talk
A little bit of natter on the genesis, history and logic of the musical instrument digital interface that we all now take so much for granted as just MIDI