Ingrid Kamerbeek
Computer Art
["Scraps from the Lab Floor" by Warren Burt]


I was born in a cosy little village called Gummersbach, Germany in 1952, and grew up with art. I finished High School in 1970, and then trained in graphic arts under my grandfather and father, both freelance graphic designers and painters familiar with oil and acrylic painting, drawing, and many other techniques, from the old fashioned to the experimental.

Since 1974, I've been a Freelance graphic designer, and have had galleries of my own in Meerbusch (1974-78), in Kaarst near Düsseldorf (1978-80) and in Mönchengladbach (1980-82).

In 1999, I moved to Sonthofen/Bavaria in Southern Germany, where I began drawing on the PC.

For me, the computer is the ideal tool to express my creativity. No other tool enables such an immediate and spontaneous translation of my emotions. The computer offers, so to speak, a direct line to the world of my thoughts and life experiences, a connection from human to machine, almost a merging, which makes me forget time and space and lets me dive into the mysterious depths of my being. The results are often surprising, even to me, and certainly would be instructive for any expert soul researcher. This immense intensity and emotionality during the emergence of my work is possible in such immediacy only with the help of this tool. No mixing of colors interrupts the streaming thoughts, no stubborn material, nothing obstructs the idea, which is therefore transmuted spontaneously. Artists worldwide unite, people come closer to each other, even if separated by oceans. Together they can be creative and make the world a bit more friendly.

I work in photopaint and photo adobe. Quite often and automatically bodily shapes emerge, embedded in mysterious surroundings. An erotic component is latently present as an expression of my joy of life. Faces also fascinate me; questioning, amazed, demanding and evil ones too. The works come about without preconceived motives. They have, so to speak, their own life. Again and again I use many of my first pictures on the PC because they are the most "innocent" ones, and fresh exciting mutations repeatedly emerge. Everything flows without borders into each other. What is present develops further, becomes something entirely new, a never-ending treatment, evolution, mutation. For now, my pictures are "painted" with the computer, without the help of sketches, photographs or scans. Thus, from my inner world of ideas, the pictures flow through the mouse directly into my PC. I'm fascinated by this spontaneous and immediate transfer of my thoughts and ideas. Often I notice a small area in a present PC painting which I then take out and work into a new picture ~ a never-ending thriller; an open challenge, sometimes even an addiction. This creation without any drafts or models, photographs or scans, is so infinite, that at present I can't imagine what will emerge once I work on my own scanned paintings or photos. It's certainly a step I will take in the next few years.


Artshows (only an excerpt):

Studio Ulrich Dohle, Osberghausen, Germany
Own gallery, Meerbusch, Germany
Own gallery, Kaarst, Germany
Stadtsparkasse Maubiszentrum, Kaarst, Germany
Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf, Germany
Gallery Klein, Kassel, Germany
Gallery Josef Huber, Kufstein, Austria
Gallery Augenblick, Neuss, Germany
Own gallery, Mönchengladbach, Germany

Internet exhibitions:

WE-Internetgallerie Ralph Werner, Germany
Martin Wendel, Linz, Austria
Frank Kaiser, Lich, Germany
Künstler im Web, Sven Truppel, Colon, Germany
Art Academy, Marc Doyle, London, UK
Art Cube, Marc Doyle, London, UK
Augenwäsche, Harald Gatermann, Bremen, Germany
Grafikbörse, Ulrich Dämmrich, Germany

Participation in many internet projects worldwide
e.g. R2001, Japan, WWAR, Russia, IDAA, Australia

Exhibitions in preparation:

Gallery Vlado Franjevic, Triesen (Vaduz), Liechtenstein
Haus Oberallgäu, Sonthofen/Bavaria, Germany


Ingrid Kamerbeek
Bahnhofstr. 10a
D-87527 Sonthofen

tel: (Germany-08321) 787188