Dima Yakovina
["Brisbane Nocturne" by Warren Burt]


Dima's mum is Catherine Yakovina, who has appeared in The IDEA before and contributes a stream-of-thought to this edition too. She's an active artist and gallery owner in St. Petersburg, but whereas it does show in his text that Dima gets to meet and talk with an interesting cross section of artists in his life,.. he's basically just a young school-going lad who may or may not eventually choose to pursue the arts seriously into his future life and career.

Amongst the digital images Dima's sent us here, are three photos of his sculptures, in which he's digitally changed the backgrounds. He likes to think that the putty creations have by these means received digital inputs in the process, and that maybe computer art can coexist with the 'conventional' arts in such ways. Here's what he has to say for himself :

"Digital programs are very easy to use. I think many artists could create digital art if they really wanted to. From what I know, many famous traditional artists in Russia do not like to use computers for their art works. I understand their feelings. It is so unusual for them. They prefer to have real brushes in their hands. They like to mix colors on the palette. They tell me that sometimes mistakes in painting are the most interesting part of the painting. Something actually painted by the hand of the master; from the soul of the painter.

Also, I know many modern artists who tell me that digital art has the best possibilities for expressing their feelings. They hate mistakes of the hand. They love to use filters in computer programs, which can change their artworks in a second. They like the possibility to print their artwork several times. They tell me that the result will be perfect every time. Then they write their names at the bottom of the artwork and it is ready for sale, and every artwork will have the same price. Traditional art work is unique art work. We know that prints of artwork have not the same price as the original.

I like to create digital art. It is a very interesting process for me. I like to make traditional art without computer too. I like to create sculptures. I like to feel forms which begin to be perfect for me. It is like a process of creating new worlds which I can put inside the real one. We can see sculpture from different points of view. To me, it is a really new world I can create.

I understand the old painters of St. Petersburg who tell me that they are afraid to use computers for their art. They have found their own way in the art world. It is important not to lose the road where painters feel their Muse walk by their side. I am 13 years old. The computer is an everyday instrument for my art works. I like the world of digital art. I like the exactness of colors by computer. I like it that I can change the result in case it is a bad result in my opinion. I do not need to take a new sheet of paper. I do not lose paints which could be used for real art work without computers. I can turn back several steps in my program, and then begin to make art works again. I like to have many possibilities to experiments with my art works. Sometimes I obtain a result which is a surprise for me too. The computer shows me many variants of the same artwork. It is not possible to do that on paper.

At the present time, I like to create simple computer artworks which bring feelings for me by combinations of bright colors. I do not know what my future art works will be. I think traditional and digital arts are the different ways of art. Each of them has the right to live. Every person can choose the kind of art which is closer to each one's feelings.


[below: Photographs of Dima's sculpture with digitally altered background settings]


Dima Yakovina
St. Petersburg