Digital in the Country of Art
Catherine Yakovina

["You" by Joel Chadabe]


Every kind of art opens doors to the spirit world of an artist. Therefore the result of creativity is the result of thoughts, feelings and the understanding of life by an artist. Every artist would like to find his own way in the country of art. It is not interesting to repeat something that has been done many times by other artists. The artist should have enough freedom and force of spirit to have the country of art show up new ways of creativity, for it is difficult enough to have one's own way in this country because often people do not like new ways of expressing feelings. It is strange but it is so.

Often people are a conservative audience. Digital art opened doors to plenty of artists. Many of them came into this new space of creativity without hesitation. Others only think about it. Many artists feel that it is difficult to create true interesting art by computer because too much of the exercise is about the computer programs used to do so. However, I think the country of digital art allows some of the most unusual possibilities to express artists' feelings.

I came into the world of digital art several years ago, and understood one important thing from the very beginning: that a digital program is an instrument for creativity only. But digital country is a really strange art country. It reminds me of decorations in the theatre. I could go among them and touch the decorations, but I did not hear the song of birds here. I did not see real flowers or clouds. It was like frozen music. I recognized that I should put my feelings, thoughts and pieces of my real art works among these decorations. Then the country of art will live for me, for in it I will have created my own world of digital art.

Often I use a programs instruments for changing this world. I want to be so strong as an artist that viewers of my digital art could not tell that they do not hear music from my art works made by computer. It is a game of art among decorations ~ a theatre of digital art in which the artist is the one unique person who can bring life inside this strange digital country.

I wrote the story "Long color river", and created two illustrations for this story by computer to show that simple illustrations can also be created by using computers. It was an easy and interesting process for me because the program helped me to make some interesting effects on these simple digital illustrations. [To read Catherine's story, click here and close the new window this will open in when done


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