Long blue river..
A story by Catherine Yakovina
[audio from Warren Burt]

The man did not remember why he was laying in this yellow boat. He opened eyes. Blue high sky was looking at him past big clouds. He sat up inside the boat, looked around and found himself inside this little boat traveling a long blue river. Colored shores were not too far.

"May be I am inside of a dream?" ­ he thought. "Why are the shores painted in different beautiful colors?"

He looked at the sky again. It had its usual blue color. He looked to see the sun in the sky to check its color. He knew it should have a yellow color. But while the sky had just white transparent clouds about, the sun was not to be seen in the sky.

"Where is I?" ­ thought the man.

Suddenly he recognized the water of the river begin to change its color. The river was now a brown color, and the shores of this strange river had new colors too ~ plain shades of gray. Yellow trees had sprung up on the shores. The man took a look down at the boat he was sitting in. The boat had a red color!

"All I can tell is that I can't understand a thing of this" ­ the man sadly told himself.

Meanwhile, the water of the river changed to a white color. The trees on the shores were dressed in orange leaves.

"I am in a crazy world" ­ thought the man. "Or maybe I'm becoming crazy?" ­ he thought again.

When the river's water turned violet, he was lying down inside the boat. Tender blue sky looked at him.

"Probably the sky is unique thing at this crazy world which do not change the color" ­ thought the man.

As the man's little boat was floating in the strange violet river, suddenly he saw a little boy walking along the shore singing a jolly old song of childhood. The shores were a green color by this time. The man cried out to the boy, who stopped and looked around at the man with big curious eyes.

"Please, tell me where I am? Why is everything but the sky changing color all the time?" ­ asked the man of the boy.

"You must understand it yourself" ­ answered the boy cheerfully ­ "You're in the country of feelings. I can tell you nothing else". With that, the boy gave a wave, took up his light song again from where he'd left off, and jauntily walked off along the shore again.

"In the country of feelings?," thought the man. "Are the colors showing me the different feelings of other people? Or maybe the colors show me my own feelings only? Why's the sky always a blue color anyway? Why's the sky always seeming to look at me with tenderness?"

By now, the man was far away from the boy and had no way to ask him anything else. He closed his eyes and began to think. "Who has constant tender feeling to me in my usual life? Who looks at me with tenderness."

Meanwhile, the river had turned a green color while he was thinking. The boat had a yellow color again.

"I'm tired of this strange country of feelings. I wish I had my mother here to help me. I'm sure of her love for me and she always helps me when I need it." ­ thought the man. "My mother"

Suddenly he understood all ­ "The feeling of my mother to me is the only permanent feeling. My mother always looks at me with tenderness and love. She's got such deep feelings towards me. That's what this high blue sky reminds me of. Her feeling of love to me cannot be changed. So the blue sky of this country of feelings is the love of mothers for their children. It is the one unique permanent feeling in our crazy world."

With this, the man wanted to have a look at the high sky again. He opened his eyes. A white ceiling stared down at him. He looked around himself. He lay in the bed in his room.

"Ah! It was my dream." ­ he thought. "I was sleeping, but have understood an important thing by this dream. Now I must phone to my mother. It's been too long since I listened to her beautiful tender voice."