Sunil Gahlawat
artist, designer & design-art teacher

demo-song from "Melody Assistant" for Mac

We first encountered Sunil (virtually) quite sometime ago, when he very kindly sent in a short appreciative e-mail regarding an early CD-gazette of The IDEA, which he'd just chanced to browse through in his office library. As always with such responses, we of course got a great big kick out of that,.. but somehow let it pass under the shadow of a mental picture of some very nice and dodderring old professorial type.

So much for that...

When we finally came around to Sunil again, by a quite different route in the course of our never-ending quest for interesting electronic artists around India and the world, wouldn't you know it turns out the lad's young, quite successful, good looking, busy as a bee and Boy'O'Boy!, brief as a G-string!!

Here's the text he sent us to go along with his images (and those of some his students - see below) ~ in toto:

"I have been involved with the digital image-creation process for the past 5 years, initially using application packages like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw for making fashion illustrations and specifications sheets (I was doing Fashion Design from NIFT, New Delhi till 1998). I am a self-taught person and have learned through hands-on experience using design related packages, with the education from NIFT laying the foundation for art appreciation.

"My recent work involves Painter, Poser, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max and other CGI software. The constant effort is to upgrade one's skills, achieve better results and move on eventually to character animation and video special effects.

"I've also worked for various designer friends and fashion houses as a freelancer on presentations and illustrations, and am teaching at the Department of Information Technology, NIFT (New Delhi, India) as Faculty of Design."


Below ~ works by some of Sunil's students


Sunil Gahlawat
107 Vaishali,
Delhi 110034