Desktop Screenshots

demo-song from "Melody Assistant" for Mac

Remember what the Windows 3.1 desktop used to look like?

Funny how subtly and insiduoulsy things change, isn't it??

Made us think: "Let's archive and benchmark a few screenshots of the desktops of a few people of the day." Accordingly, we sent out a request lickety-split for desktop screenshots (with basic instructions on how to go about it, for those who mightn't know), to about 20 people all over India and the world.

Interesting exercise ~ a few folks of course immediately sent in the shot, and some never did; one (as you will see below) followed the instructions incorrectly and sent us only just a bit over half of his screenshot; several folks seemed to feel as though their desktops were too private an image to share (!); two thought theirs too "plain" to pass on (?); and one thought it all to be "too technical" an endeavour to attempt (!?).

So, here's a small ~but amply representative~ sampling of the sort of screens that people today face upon "booting-up" their computers everyday.