Jaideep Mehrotra's CD

Jaideep's been featured before on The IDEA as an artist operating right at the forefront of computer-based creative practices in India at this turn of millennia. This was not necessarily to do with the very cutting-edge of technology in itself of course, but Jaideep is moving on always and continuously. At the present time, it's on from summing up where he's been thus far on a CD that's been commercially launched into the marketplace!

The CD's all about images and some sculpture with short texts, quirky videos like the one alongside, great background music by Sanjeev Wadhwani, take-outs from television interviews and all sorts of other fascinating odds and ends. The actual development of the CD itself was by VRPhotostudios, Mumbai.

Here's how Jaideep introduced it amongst friends who received preview copies:

"In an attempt to compile my works done over a span of 35 years, I have come out with a CD-ROM encapsulating some of my works which have been significant in my professional life.

"A CD-ROM scored over a printed catalogue as this allows interactivity to the viewer along with moving visuals and audio.

"I hope you will take time off to browse through this CD and will see under what circumstances I painted my largest canvas ever (the making of "The Sculptors Studio") or what my thought processes were behind some of my larger works (under "info" in the paintings category).

"I look forward to hearing from you after you have had a chance to look at it and hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did while putting it together."

The images below are low-res screen-grabs off the CD:


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