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The Next Economy of Ideas
ideas on the future of ideas from John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and sometime lyricist with the Grateful Dead [to read the original e-mail by which John issued his famous 1996 "Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace", click here]

Art vs. Technology
stream of thought on virtual 3D from Pankaj Sharma, a young engineer, industrial designer and artist based in New Delhi

Tinfoil & Wax to Digital
audio-recording has travelled a long road of human creativity through it's short history of less than just 150 years. Here's a brief recap of some touchstones along the way to today

Vishwa Animation
a tight 40-head animation station in Mumbai, representing something of the sort of stuff that's said to be currently propelling India into the big-leagues of global animation. (wish we could have achieved a cleaner compression here of the video though)

Arjun Sen
catching up with that wonderful guitarist and digital composer at his new studio in New Delhi

quietly-quietly (as we say in India), these guys have been stirring up an underground tide of digital imaging with workshops, courses and camps addressing children, amateurs, artists and professionals in Ahmedabad and some other centres around India

Ashim Ghosh
the "audiovisionary" is back again with another fascinating addressal of another serious issue via his imaging. Also check out the link to the video of his last multiple-media show in New Delhi (India International Centre ~ 2000)

Carol Lawrence
the gentle British artist talks us through experiences of life, becoming and being an artist,.. and going digital into a new millenium

Colored Tribe
a bunch of young friends in Ahmedabad, who've been operating virtually as a company via virtual teamwork, to address virtually all sorts of 3D assignments ranged from game-character modeling through to engineering wireframes and architectural walkthroughs

Computer Arts Special
a series of magazine-style publications aimed at becoming a "definitive source of information on all aspects of creating digital art (including still-images, animation, and video) for Computer Graphics (CG) professionals, as well as casual enthusiasts who like to experiment with multiple media" in India

Dewang Mehta
still a pretty young man when he recently passed away, Dewang was recognized by most of the global IT industry as the premier "Evangelist of Indian Information Technology"

Digital Talkies
a fresh, young and well-backed company so deeply committed to DV (digital video) that, in addition to establishing a full production house with a production-line of budget-feature projects rolling out, they've also gone ahead and launched an annual "Digital Film Festival"

the usual editorial privilege exercised here again for the usual bit of blather on where The IDEA's coming from

Gautam Ghosh
perhaps the most prolific digital music-composer in North India (at least!), Gautam's pages here are reprocessed and reproduced from The IDEA #1, on which audio didn't play back in some media-players

Gerald O'Connell
an extraordinary digital artist and musician from the UK. Don't miss the link to his fascinating "Filonovia" creation

Mandar Rane
a young student of communications-design in Mumbai, India, talks us through some of his experiences, aspirations, projects and ambitions

Nilanjan Das
probably one of the best-known, and certainly one of the busiest digital-imaging artists in India, Nillanjan allows us a litlle peek into how hectic it gets in the bright lights

Rahul Gajjar
may well be the best known digital-imaging artist from India on the World Wide Web,.. and there's a twist to the tales of almost each and every one of the images produced by this artist from Ahmedabad

Some Screenshots
remember what the Windows 3.1 desktop used to look like? We almost didn't, and so we've reproduced a small collection of contemporary computer desktops here ~ just for the record

Sunil Gahlawat
teaching at the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi as Faculty of Design, after earlier having graduated from the same institute, Sunil allows us a slight peek into what's happenning on the creative institutional inside in India

Afanassy Pud
yes ~ the fascinating scientist, programmer and artist from St. Petersburg is back to share an interesting imaging technique and some new works with us here

TV Adz
as before, a representative round-up of Indian and international television ads of the preceding six months from from "TV Ad Indx",.. but this time, we've also caught them in early days of an additional move into print-ad archiving ~ so there's some of that too

Thinking Digital
stream of thought from Catherine Yakovina on digital-imaging and designing CD-covers in Russia

Biennale of Digital Art
St. Petersburg's looking to host it's first major biennale of digital-imaging in 2002. All artists are invited to get in touch directly to participate

Transmediale 0.2
this German festival looks set to address digital-imaging along with all sorts of other electronic arts in it's 2002 avatar. There's an open invitation for artists from around the world to attempt participation, and there's some cash awards to be had from it too

An Adobe Encounter
O well, we did tell 'em that we'd have them aboard The IDEA this year, without crossing the river to meet with them ~ so here's what we've got

Academy of Electronic Arts
copy of our draft-proposal presently before the Delhi government, on establishment of a globally preeminent Academy of Electronic Arts in the city. Reproduced here because we'd like to have such institutions come up anywhere and everywhere possible

Jaideep Mehrotra
we'd pegged him quite a while back as an artist to watch out for, and there you have it: he's gone on to become the first major Indian artist to launch an independent CD-retrospective of his work (digital and otherwise) ~ overviewed here