[© Gautam Ghosh / Sound Syndicate]
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A song on Dharamshala in the Monsoon,..
about the Dalai Lama and his people,..
about Tibet ~ a nation in exile


Om! Om!

Wake up every morning
Catch the 7 o'clock train
My search for divinity
Is rather mundane!

Nameless faces
In a host of places
In all shades'n'colour
This God without a name
Is a Jolly-Good-Fella!

Call Him Christ
Call Him Rama
Call Him Krishna
Call Him Mama

Any Name, any Place
My God of Man
Is a God without a Face!

A Face, a God ~ a God without a Face!
My God of Man is a God without a Face!

Devotees throng
The Magic is on
The silence of my soul
Now becomes a song!

Of birds 'n' bees
Of sands 'n' seas
Of men 'n' mice
Green fields of rice!

Of naked little children 'n' mythical beasts
Of pimps 'n' whores, of kings 'n' priests!

Of nations 'n' people, their dreams 'n' fatigues
Of hunger 'n' pain, a morsel of grain

... Memories collected,.. memories collected
In the monsoon rains,.. In the monsoon rains of India!


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