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Sometime about a year ago, the first issue of a "magazine" on computer arts started fascinatingly popping up on newsstands all over the major metros of India under the name "Computer Arts Special", priced at about two hundred rupees a pop (which is about 20 times the price of a top newsmagazine in India today), with a free CD thrown in.

At the price, we weren't toooo surprised when that issue then seemed to just sit on there in the stalls, fading for months as though never followed with a second edition ~ prompting us to comfortably conclude that "another one bites the dust".

Sent them a copy of The IDEA anyway.

However, in early 2001, I met a young man on a bus journey between Mumbai and Pune, who introduced himself as an executive with Jasubhai Digital Media, the outfit that published the publication, which in turn he said had in fact moved on to several editions!

Wellwellwell! Sure enough, a closer look some days later at the copy in our office revealed that the publication was not dated or numbered ~ in short, it was not intended to be a periodical at all. In fact, it was more like a glossy DIY sort of book that just happenned to look like a magazine and therefore be placed with magazines in newsracks. But it did carry some advertising!

... and then we went ahead and just forgot all about it!!!

That is, till someone at Jasubhai got a whiff of The IDEA, and reached out in turn to us. Here's the story:

Jasubhai Digital Media is a Big Time computer-print-media player in India, operating out of Mumbai. They are publishers of the magazines CHIP (now Digit), Computer Gaming World, Computer Reseller News, CHIP Hindi (now Smart Computing), Network Computing and NetCompass, etc.

Their publication "Computer Arts Special" derives from a tie-up with Future Publishing, UK, in an attempt "to bring the first magazine targeted at computer creative professionals in India."

Content on average is a mélange of beginner tutorials, tips & tricks and various overviews (softwares, books, etc.), but the profile aspired to is of "a definitive source of information on all aspects of creating digital art (including still-images, animation and video) for computer graphics professionals, as well as casual enthusiasts who like to experiment with multiple media."

Six titles have been published thus far in India ~ on Photoshop, Web Design, 3D and Digital Video.

Now, the main reason they reached out to The IDEA was obviously to discover possible symbiosis (like how to connect with the e-artists we connect to), and while some matters remain under discussion, we were more than happy to develop and carry this feature to bring our browsers news of this new enterprise.

Accordingly, we asked the folks at Jasubhai to send in images and the text for us to work with (we always ask for first-person texts to win authenticity). The pix as you can see alongside this, are just fine, but the only text we managed to draw out despite much coaxing and cajoling was the following (you guessed it ~ it's their standard sales spiel):

"Computer Arts Special is the definitive source of information on all aspects of creating digital art (including still-images, animation, and video) for Computer Graphics (CG) professionals, as well as casual enthusiasts who like to experiment with multiple media. The Specials focus on helping readers develop and enhance their CG skills which are required for publishing their work to CD-ROM, the Web, and of course, traditional print media.

"Computer Arts Special is published in India by Jasubhai Digital Media through a licensing agreement with Future Publishing, UK. Six titles have been published so far: on Web Design, Photoshop, 3D and Digital Video. Each issue serves as a book on a specific topic, and is therefore topic-dependent rather than time-dependent. Each Special contains comprehensive information (including tests) about new graphics software (with trial versions on the CD), tutorials on popular packages (augmented by tutorials on the CD), and provides a forum for indigenous talent within the country to showcase their efforts. The magazine caters to Mac as well as PC users.

"In short, Computer Arts Special is the first and the ultimate publication for computer-based creatives, providing the best techniques and tools covering every angle of computer-creativity such as graphic design, illustration, 3D modeling & animation, image manipulation, multimedia & web design and digital video.

"There is a large population of professionals in the field of computer-based creativity in India. In addition to the use of computer graphics in traditional print media for various purposes, multimedia and Web-hosting are also picking up in India. With this, the number of people interested in the CG field has increased many folds. The target audience for this magazine is CG professionals who work with a wide range of image editing, vector-illustration, 3D-animation, Web-graphics, multimedia-authoring, and video-editing tools. The magazine also caters to the more basic needs of casual hobbyists who have PCs at home, and like to dabble in various graphics applications. This is a growing tribe (amply demonstrated by the sheer number of young people who join multimedia training institutes) of users, who form a large segment of Computer Arts Special readers."


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