Colored Tribe
a creative virtual team

For us here at The IDEA, these guys live in Fantasy Land. The Mecca of virtual teamwork and presence is part and parcel of this virtual "Colored Tribe", bringing eight fine young brains into singular concert on all sorts of projects, with each operating out of his or her own independent set-up,.. in his or her own sweet time! Wow ~ Love it!!

Here's an overall self-image from Sandeep Kamal, one of the four individuals at the core of this fascinating web spreading out from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Western India (they're all so virtual that the only picture we've been able to get of him is just the glancing view at left!):

"A team of multiple talented individuals from various fields joined together to redefine Design.

"There are 4 key people handling the entire team and the rest work from different locations (all from home).

"There is no such thing as an office. But when needed we bring in some of the PCs to one place and work.

"Everyone uses high-speed Cable internet connections to be in touch and transfer files to each other.

"... So the entire team is presently of 8 crazy people.

"Everything The Colored Tribe does is ultimately aimed at helping clients design new-media strategies for their business. When serving a portfolio, we try to know clients as well as their customers, thus understanding the actual need and requirement.

"We try in our work to optimize the vast potential of mixing both Art and science, blending results with creative and innovative intuition to produce a masterpiece.

"There are two Teams in the Colored Tribe:

"Pix-l: Pixel lab is a small team at Colored Tribe dedicated for the design and development of multimedia content, including: Multimedia CD ROM for Edutainment and Entertainment; Multimedia Corporate Presentations; Interactive Visiting cards; Multimedia Kiosks; Interactive Multimedia Based Web-designs;..

"The expertise with Pix-L is Adobe PhotoShop, Hardcore Lingo programming, Flash scripting, VB, C/C++, ASP,JAVA and php Also, sound editing using Qbase, CakeWalk and Sound Forge.

"Cyborg Warriors: Cyborg Warriors is another Team at Colored tribe dedicated to Gaming, including: Real time 3D Game development; Games for Broadband TV; Flash and Java based online games; Animation cut scenes for Game Intros; Development of custom-built Gaming Hardware; Hi-end Gaming machines and 3D application workstations; Low-end game simulators using RTOS (Realtime Operating Systems).

"The main tools used by this team are Paper, pencil, colour box and screw driver. Apart from this they also use digital tools like 3D Studio Max, Alias Power Animator, Blender, Rhino3D, PhotoShop, Macromedia Flash, Java, Tornado toolkit and Code warrior.

objects & characters below are low-polygon constructs for game-speed



"The machines used by the Colored tribe are:

Two Pentium Pro 200Mhz with 128MB EDO RAM and Glint FireGL hardware acceleration.

One P3 600Mhz 512 SD RAM and GeForce256 DDR (LeadTek )32MB.

One P3 550Mhz 128 RAM ATI rage pro capture card, creative Live platinum soundcard.

Four Celeron 500Mhz 64MB RAM all RivaTNT cards and Creative Vibra 128PNPsound card.

ADC flatbed scanner.

4 Guitars of god knows what types with a Korg Tone-Generator pad, Casio midi Keyboard and one nomad musician.


below: some traditional artworks by Sandeep


Sandeep Kamal
D-602 Indraprasth Towers
Drive-In Road, Gurukul
Ahmedabad - 380 052 (India)

Tel: (91-79) 7481796