Thinking Digital
by Catherine Yakovina

music by Bacchus Barua

Digital techniques will probably become an everyday approach to creating art in the near future. Advertisements already use lots of digital effects and enhancing. Digital manipulation is common in modern films. Artists create illustrations for conventional books through computer programs too. We can see that this "Digital" art is useful for plenty of graphic designers in the world.

For example, I use digital processes for creating CD labels and inlays. It helps to express what kind of music is presented on the CD. I enjoy the simplicity of working with the transparency of different layers, and certainly also like the possibility of having a history of how files were created for a CD's graphic design. Then I can modify files at any step of my creative work. I also like to use filters in some works, and find it all adds up to a wonderful opportunity to create something new for my CD graphic designs.

It is a fascinating process to create a new world through digital art. I like to use photos to do it too. One can create new worlds to be placed inside photos. Filters are useful for that too. Artists can even use their own real-world art works as resource material that can be changed by computer programs. It can often add interesting new feelings, and then we'd have a whole new world of real art works with unusual changes brought by computer.

Many philosophers have proposed that all is mathematics. Computers are based on mathematics too. It may seem strange, but many mathematical lines exist in the art works of old masters. May be we could speculate that a piece of mathematics exists in the world of art too. Sometimes I feel it with my graphic work.

Computers create worlds through an artist. It is a new instrument of art that will soon become common enough. Televisions were no less novel but much less accessible to people at the beginning of that slow revolution. Cars were once new to people too. Even radio was new at the first time.

With computer art, it will probably be the same. It is new for many artists at the present time. Many Russian artists do not use computer programs in their art works. But maybe it will become a common wonderful instrument of art for many artists in the near future.

Many artists will of course refuse to use computer programs. I think that is normal, and that all kinds of art will live ~ graphics, paintings, mixed media, etc. Computer art is just one among them, but offers a rare new opportunity to express deep feelings and thoughts.

And if that is true, artists will have need of it. And then it will be needed by people,... if artists will create true art by computer.



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Catherine Yakovina ~ biographical note::

Catherine Yakovina was born in 1967 in Leningrad, Russia. She graduated from the State Leningrad University in 1990. Through 1993-1997, she apprenticed in the private studio of Oleg Dozortsev.


1997 - Solo exhibition. "Gallery-103". Culture Center of Pushkinskay-10, St. Petersburg, Russia

1998 - International group exhibition. "Tubal Cain Gallery", Harrogate, Scotland

1998 - Digital presentations forming part of 'COUNTRY WITHOUT BORDERS', an R2001 international group exhibition held at Abraham Lubelski Gallery, 473 Broadway, New York and at 450 Broadway Gallery, 450 Broadway, New York, USA

1999 - grand prize in the contest "Buildings" of World Photo Gallery

1999 - Group exhibition. "Art-Polygon Gallery". St. Petersburg, Russia

1999 - Graphic design (Illustrations and cover design) of the book "Only the serious people". Poems by A. Aleynik from New-York

1999 - Group exhibition. "Art-Polygon Gallery", St. Petersburg, Russia

1999 - International group exhibition. "Change Room Gallery". London, England

1999 - 1st place in contest: "Shadows". World Photo Gallery

1999 - International group exhibition in Keio University, Japan

1999 - Participation in SFC Festival of Keio Gjyuku University, Japan

1999 - The First International Digital Art Exhibition in India. The Oxford Bookstore and Art Gallery, Calcutta, India

2000 - International group exhibition in Circular Art Gallery, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai, India

2000 - Group exhibition "The Games" in Art Polygon Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2000 - Solo exhibition. Harmonia Mundi, Bayonne, 5 rue Port-Neuf. France

2001 - Exhibition of two artists. "Silhouettes". "Le Bistrot Sainte-Cluque". Bayonne. France

2001 - First exhibition of digital art in St. Petersburg. Group exhibition by artists from New York and Russia. "Museum of Noncomformism Art", St. Petersburg, Russia

2001 - Finalist of international contest of digital art (IDAA)


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