Afanassy Pud
Artist, Scientist & Programmer

demo-somg from Roland PMA-5

Afanassy's work proved to be amongst the most popular imaging we've carried (3rd CD-Gazette) on The IDEA thus far, with most folks absolutely fascinated by his techniques. He's moved on however from the sort of subject matter he was addressing then, to landscapes now ~ and shares with us an interesting new technique he's been applying, alongwith some more fascinating new works, below.

He's also at the centre of the Biennale of Digital Art scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg, 2002 (for more info. check "Biennale of Digital Art" from the Contents page).

Here's Afanassy, inimitably in his own words:

"Hi, i send files and text.

"1jpg. Create object 1, brush

"2jpg. Create object 2, airbrush.

"3jpg. Emboss, duplicates object, airbrush, eraser, radial fill, flip, normal clone tool.

"4jpg. Ground and sky ? it is simple, no comments. Normal clone tool, eraser, linear fill, create objects, changes of opacity and merge.

"5jpg. Duplicates objects, create objects, changes of opacity and merge.

"6jpg ? end. Create new object and linear fill them. Opacity 50%."

below ~ some recent finished images

Afanassy Pud
Scientist & Artist
Bucharestskaya 94-6-67
St. Petersburg, 192286

tel: 78-121 739537