YOart.com is an idea that's been riding the Internt for more than two years now as the brainchild of Yogi Chopra, a graduate student of Commerce, and Preeti Gopalakrishnan, a student of mass media. While the latter develops website content and also handles PR work for their virtual and real-world exhibitions, it's actually Yogi's interest in Digital art led him to originally conceptualize and design the site. Not surprisingly, he also freelances as a Web Designer and Graphic designer.

Preeti & YogiTogether, the duo have carved a niche for themselves by having organized two Digital Art exhibitions in Mumbai and one in Calcutta (visit ArtFest from here or from the contents page for exhibition overviews). They plan to have more such exhibitions in the future and thus promote this artform. Meanwhile, till now the website has showcased the works of 10 digital artists from India and the world over, providing budding and professional digital artists a free online gallery for their works in their own gallery section on the website.

In the real world, YOart.com now has 3 regular exhibitions to its credit and plans to make this a permanent feature of its activities. An ongoing endeavour under the banner of "The India International Digital Art Exhibition" has traveled from Calcutta to Mumbai, and exhibitions in various other cities of India are reportedly in the pipeline.

"We are also planning on various digital art contests for different age groups to give a boost to budding artists. We are planning on a Digital Art Association, thereby bringing together digital artists on one platform, resulting in a confluence of ideas from different sources. Seminars, workshops, FAQ sessions, interactive sessions et. al. will be a feature of this association. It has been our endeavour to see that digital art is accepted in mainstream art and we will see to it that we strive hard to do so."

As their handouts put it ~ YOart.com is the result of the efforts of 2 young netizens Yogi Chopra and Preeti Gopalkrishnan who do not want art to lose out on the all-new techno-aspect. If music can go techno, then why not art??...is what these 2 youngsters want to portray. So that's what led to the inception of Yoart.com almost 2 years back.

Below are some images of works (including some of Yogi's own) from Yoart.com:







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