Vipin Mishra
(reproduced with modification from The IDEA #1)

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Here's a rocker in the original mould ~ playing hard-core shows right through the year as a guitarist with the top Delhi band "Parikrama," inbetween pumping iron and easy-riding on long contemplative bike-rides into the countryside.

Probe a bit deeper however, and Vipin Mishra turns out to be a completely up-to-date computer nerd who, amongst other things, is the man behind the awesome audio set-up at Padmini Multimedia, established during the years he spent (since August of 1996 till very recently) as "Audio Specialist" with the organization. Now that there's one kit a lot of us'd give an arm and a leg to own and operate,.. a list certainly worth reproducing here for every kid planning to go e-sonic:

  • KORG Trinity plus (MIDI Keyboard)
  • KURZWEIL 2000 (MIDI Keyboard)
  • Power Mac 8500
  • Digital Performer, Mark of unicorn
  • Cakewalk Pro (P.C Platform)
  • Roland VS 880 Hard Disk Recorder
  • Yamaha O3D digital Mixer
  • Audio Technica Microphones
  • Tascam DA 30 MK II DAT
  • BOSS GX 700 guitar effects processor
  • Ibanez RG 550 Electric Guitar
  • FC-200 Roland MIDI Foot Controller

  • This is what Vipin has to say about it all:

    Being "Audio Specialist" with Padmini was a full-time job requiring me to compose original music scores for multimedia titles, presentations and computer-based training modules on CD ROM. With the existing Audio Sequencing and Recording Studio also designed and configured by me (hardware and software), it turns out that I performed the roles of: composer, performer, arranger, hardware and software person, recording engineer and producer, as far as my day time job went.

    In time, I also began providing consultancy services to the information technology division of "Group Usha", a Rs.4000 Cr. group, as Technical Consultant-Audio. This I continue to do today.

    Alongside, I've also been a free-lance composer and producer for commercial work in the field of broadcast and advertising.

    My experience as a performer ranges over the past four years as a guitar player and vocalist with the professional rock band, "Parikrama" (www.parikrama.com). The band was nominated in "The Best Indian Band" category for the Channel V awards in 1997, and has been voted twice over as runners up in the "Most Popular Indian Band" category, in polls conducted countrywide by the "Rock Street Journal", India's top-selling music magazine. Along with the band, I have performed close to a hundred shows in about 20 cities across India and Nepal.

    With Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design, I've contributed in conceptualizing and visualizing various aspects of multimedia titles, especially in storyboarding avís and 3D animations. Not surprisingly, I'm also interested in photography, illustration and design, with complete fluency in digital image-processing and graphic softwares such as Adobe PhotoShop, Fractal Painter, Corel Draw, Word, other "general" softwares and their applications in print, multimedia and web-page design.

    I've even undertaken a couple of projects as a free lance graphic designer, and in the field of digital image processing. Presently, while proficient in web design and publishing in HTML, I'm on my way to training myself further in this field.

    For background, the mainstream of my formal education was capped with a Bachelors degree in Economics (Hon) from Delhi University, 1993-96, and my general interests are illustration, sketching, travelling, trekking, white-water rafting and weight training. The bottom line being that I love adventure sports and travel, and have been to quite a few places around the country by train, motorcycle, and on foot.

    Vipin Mishra
    C-9/9122 Vasant Kunj
    New Delhi - 110 070 (INDIA)
    tel: (91-11) 689 6459

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