Television Commercials
July-December 2000


As with the last gazette, and as we hope to continue, improve, enhance and grow into into the future, this series of TV commercials (TVCs) has been compiled exclusively for The IDEA by the company "TV Ad Indx," as representative of some of the more interesting goings-on that have been going on around the world in this territory, through the period July-December 2000..

TV Ad Indx itself is headquartered in New Delhi, India, as a world-class TV commercials monitoring service, mainly covering India, Pan-Asia, China and Indonesia.

U-Matic recordings of TV broadcasts are logged daily for new TV commercials as well as business news, making TV Ad Indx the only "editorial monitoring" service for the electronic media in India. Services cover the gamut of ad-hoc requirements of TVCs - product category reels, clutter reels for research, competitive brand review reels...

TV Ad Indx ~ Delhi studio/officeThe company provides regular updates of all new TV commercials for specific brands or product categories, with subscribers able to schedule receiving these updates "day-after-telecast", every week, month, quarter or year to keep abreast of competition.

TV Ad Indx also publishes the "Indian Indx", "Satellite Indx" and the "Creative Indx". These are quarterly showreels of new TV commercials (TVCs) released in India, Pan-Asia and Internationally respectively. In 1995 it also launched a business news monitoring service, News Indx, to provide subscribers updates of business news telecast on television.

TV Ad Indx
G-94 Triveni Commercial Complex
Sheikh Sarai, Phase - I
New Delhi - 110 017
tel: (91-11) 6014000, fax: (91-11) 6014001, 6014702