~Sandy Bose~
[all re-processed & re-produced from the IDEA #1, Jan-July, 2000]

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Here's the man who first turned on the people behind The IDEA to the whole world of computer-based music, some three years ago. A supremely friendly, helpful and talented young man, Sandy's a musician sharply focused upon the cutting-edge of young dance-music, while churning out musical memos and finished works on a daily basis between stacks of gear in his cozy home-studio (he also maintains a full-time association with "RJ's Studio" in Delhi).

Born and brought up through his school years in Delhi, Sandy's career-training started off with a diploma course in computers through 1987-89, after which he moved straight on to an apprenticeship with a local audio-studio till 1990. With a year and a half of that under his belt, he then went on to grab a diploma in Sound Engineering from New York, working part-time alongside in local sequencing studios to learn more about using computers with music.

Upon returning to Delhi, the young recordist joined K. J. Singh (visit "The Apple Lover" from the contents page) as an Assistant Recording Engineer with the latter's "Fast Forward Productions," to hone his sequencing skills further in the Indian context through 1992-93.

The next step in this ongoing "musical training period" found Sandy in Mumbai, again as an "Assistant Recording Engineer," but with an outfit called "4D Studios" this time. These were years that saw the young man also working hard on workshops with various musicians from different cultures and phases of life, a period that saw him learning "a lot about music, and how to go about it."

With all of that adding up eventually to a solid grounding in his chosen profession, Sandy's been operating mainly through his own studio workstation since 1994, from when he's been independently and extensively composing for radio and television in India. Today, he's so adept with his music and music technology, that the young man made the piece of music playing as page-background here in just a couple of hours, especially for The IDEA ~ while we waited! Not surprisingly, over the years he's also:

  • > composed jingles for Gillette, Nike, Duracel and 100 Pipers
  • > composed title-tracks for "THE GOOD HOME SHOW" ( Sony Entertainment Television ) and "PUBLIC DEMAND" (Zee TV)
  • > provided incidental music for "KHUBSURAT" over the last four years
  • > composed the music for "SIYARAM'S STAR MISS INDIA"
  • > composed music for fashion shows on Zee TV , India TV, and Star TV
  • > composed music for documentaries on the Discovery Channel
  • > composed jingles and done voice-overs for CBTs (Computer Based Training) for Hope Multimedia Company
  • > done voice-overs for Limca, Early Times Bourbon, and McDonalds
  • > composed montage music for Zee News( VERDICT '99 )

Lately, Sandy's been looking to go beyond jingles, voice-overs and montages to establish a more in-your-face presence on the Indian music ciruit. Amongst other things, this has seen him start development of an independent album ~"TRANCE TARA"~ with Alexander Housego (visit "The Foreign Hand" from the contents page). A track from this ongoing project links out of the last picture to the right below.

Our man's even worked with the well-known band "Silk Route" as a roadie for a while to look into the deep dark secrets of Band Management while~incidentally~ also meeting musicians and related profesionals all over the country. Now, some of them good folks just happenned to be from the Hindi-film industry,.. and there you have it ~ Sandy's now working on two songs and the background score for a major film production thats just hit studio-floors with the title "DAR"!!

Sandy Bose
Block-H/Apt. No: 55-C
31st Avenue, Saket
New Delhi - 110017 [INDIA]
tel: (91-11) 696 0827, 696 3302