The National Conference on Multimedia Technology for Culture
Pune (India), December 1-2, 2000

A great by-product of The IDEA over time has been the gradual advancement of how seriously folks have slowly begun to take to the idea itself.

One of the more recent and interesting manifestations of this was an invitation out of the blue for us to join in the jamboree of a national "Conference on Multimedia Technology for Culture", assembled by the National Multimedia Resource Centre (NMRC) for it's parent Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Pune, India. Funding was from the central Ministry of Information Technology, funnelled down the ladder to C-DAC through the National Informatics Centre. (see contents for conference overview)

Now, quite a few of the other folks making presentations at the conference were also developers of CDs of various description, who simply presented quick walkthroughs of their products, but we instead decided to distribute copies of the 2nd Gazette in the conference-kits, while taking the opportunity of the presentation itself to address a mouthful of a title which went as follows: "New Cultural Matrices Emerging from the Empowerment of Individuals through Technology". As can be seen from the screen-shot of our first slide above, the title was sensibly pared down by the time of the conference, but so was the time allotted to each speaker!

I'm therefore exercising my prerogative as editor here, to reproduce the slides from our presentation here without comment,...

... and am tickled pink to report that it was appeciated enough at the conference to have already had us invited to address one classroom session and one student-body meet of the Industrial Design Centre of IIT-Bombay, in late-February 2001!