Jaideep Mehrotra

Jaideep actually first came aboard The IDEA without knowing a thing about it, as part of the footnote we inserted under the "State of the Art" segment of the 2nd gazette.

He's one of those artists who took the long road around to art, right the way through being a corporate senior-executive for years before throwing it all up to "be an artist", and boy!, he's been being one pretty good for quite some years now.

Here's what we'd written about him last time:

"One of the painters who was originally supposed to be a part of the State of the Art show was Jaideep Mehrotra, who quickly twigged at the time that he couldn't really let raw personal creative juices flow over the shoulder of a computer-operator/assistant, and so he dropped out of the project and went instead to the trouble of immediately and very sensibly getting himself a computer of his very own ~ an XT with 2MB RAM, and a 10MB hard disk!

"Several upgrades, a shift to Mac and a quick trip to the Big Apple for Iris printouts later, and Mehrotra was back in Bombay with a solo show of images like the one above at the "J51" gallery, in 1996. Reading from reports, the show received a cracking good press and also proved for the first time in India that "art"-buyers could indeed be found for such "Digital Lithographs" ~ although whether that would bring home the bacon over and above costs like trips to NYC for expensive printouts was not proven at the time and perhaps appropriately remains iffy to date in this country.

"Purely as an artist at the turn of millennia however, Mehrotra has proven to be a man worth watching out for, as he continues to explore new frontiers in various streams of technologically-empowered art,.. including for example his more recent video-based installation at "Flashback / Fastforward" ~ a show sponsored by the RPG Group in Mumbai for showcasing works in unusual media."

As one of the only Indian artists who's so far shown the guts and talent to go in for a mainstream solo exhibition of Iris-printer prints of his computer-based artworks in signed limited-editions of 60-80 each, Jaideep's obviously someone we wanted to know a bit more about,.. and he was friendly and forthcoming when we finally found him, in letting us have the first video-artwork done by him (above, with an interview lead-in), alongwith the examples of his electronic still-images below.

However, concerted efforts at squeezing a text out of him to go with all this eventually yielded the following (we think it's hilarious!!):

Hi Shankar,

I've used these lines on one of my press interviews. I see it as appropriate from the peer-group-sharing-matrix thing. hope it is what you wanted from me

"the brain of the artist is exclusively his own. As is his creativity. No machine can substitute that."

cheers, Jaideep

Email: me@JaideepMehrotra.com
Web: www.JaideepMehrotra.com

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Jaideep Mehrotra
15th Flr. 'Bay View'
1, Worli Sea Face
Mumbai - 400 025
tel: (91-11) 612 4327