Dr. Fernanda Steele


Fernanda's always had a very keen interest in the visual arts, although her formal education has been in Languages and Literature and she holds a Ph.D. in Spanish American Literature. Originally from Milan (Italy) where she lived until adulthood, she moved to London and later to Jamaica, where she's now been living for about thirty years with her husband and son. She's had a long association with the University of the West Indies, both through her husband and also from having herself taught there herself. She has a number of publications on Caribbean literature to her credit, amongst which is a study of the Jamaican poet Anthony McNeill. She's also a free-lance translator and her translation of a play by Nobel Prize Winner Derek Walcott was published in Italy.

In her pursuit of the visual arts, Fernanda's held a solo exhibition of Painted Boxes at The Artisan in Kingston, and also worked on Floor Cloths (hand-painted carpets on canvas) which were shown on the local TV. For a few years now she's been working at Digital Art on her computer, and Fractal Art in particular has been her obsessive interest for the past two years. Some of her works have been exhibited in important Galleries on the Net, and November 2000 saw her first solo real-world exhibition of such work at the Headquarters of Jamaica AIDS Support in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Fractal generating programs she is currently using are: Sterling Ware and Tierazon by Stephen Ferguson; Fractal ViZion, Fractal Zplot, Dofozon Elite and QuaSZ by Terry Gintz.

These images are amongst Fernanda's latest works, representing new experimentation with fractal composites and the use of quaternions and lsystem images. Her comments are appended below each image.

This first image, Activity in the Forest, was produced by layering the background with three different images. Then I superimposed some lsystem images (I think three) which I transformed in various ways.

In the second image, the centre piece, the "Composition" itself was generated in Tierazon and the frame in FractalViZion. The frame was postprocessed, the composition, hardly.

Here is the third image. It was achieved by layering two images, and then it was quite heavily postprocessed.

This fourth image, Impressions of the Sea, is a quaternion from QuaSZ by Terry Gintz, heavily postprocessed.

This fifth image is a quaternion generated with QuaSZ by Terry Gintz. The only postprocessing done was in terms of colours. Incidentally, this is one of my favourite works.

This sixth image, Meeting in the Sun, is a composite: background a fractal generated in Tierazon by Stephen Ferguson, two lsystem images generated in FractalViZion by Terry Gintz, and one image generated in QuaSZ.

This seventh image, "Offerings", is a composite of several fractals, an lsystem image and a quaternion generated with KPT. Of course, heavily postprocessed in terms of colours, size etcetera. I like it a lot. Hope you do too.

This eighth image, Pandora, is a Fractal generated in FractalZion and then postprocessed.

This ninth image, "Sculpted by the Air", is a quaternion generated in QuaSZ. It was hardly postprocessed: only some tweaking in colours.

This last image is a composite: a heavily post-processed fractal, another one for background and an lsystem image from QuaSZ.


Dr. Fernanda Steele
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