Catherine Yakovina
Artist & Gallery Operator

[music by Arjun Sen]


"Art is the simple and complicated world of feelings. An artist expresses his understanding of this world. Then, viewers receive emotions through the art works of an artist. It is very important how strong the feelings of artist are. It is important how strong the necessity of expressing these feelings is. Because strong feelings give birth to a new feeling of understanding art.

"Digital art gives the possibility to show image's depth, to show another space with my art works. I can for example put different art works in one art work. It is one world which is placed inside another world. It is wonderful.

"People have another strange world of dreams when sleeping, so a world of dreams is inside the world of real life. Perhaps sleep as a little death with dreams about something is important for man. Sometimes digital art is similar to such dreams. To me, a computer presents the possibility of showing these feelings. I want to bring my emotions to the public by digital art too.

"Dali... Everyone knows the name of this painter. I recently took a look at his art works again in a catalogue...

"I understand Dali as having been very close to digital art. But he had no computer, and perhaps did not even know about the possibilities of computer-based creativity in his time. However, he had a feeling which reminds of digital art. Have a look at "Cybernetic Odalisque"; "Gala Looking at the Mediterranean Sea" (which from a distance of 20 Meters is transformed into a portrait of Abraham Lincoln; "Hommage in Rothko"; "Hallucinogenous Bullfighter", etc.

"What do I see in such images? The creation of other spaces, transparent bodies of people and faces, the rhythm of the same elements,... it's all was very close to the use of digital technology. Dali showed his presentiment through his art ~ and he was right.

"Today, we have the computer's potential for creating strange images. The images of digital art. Artists have received new technology to express their senses and thoughts. At the present time, we make the first steps into the country of digital art. It is a new country. It is a new world of art. We should be careful and attentive in this country.

"We have to however be very careful with digital art, because computers provide the opportunity to create impressive but empty images too. Images which have not heart, art or soul. Remember how cinema evolved? People had no idea that the new art of film could express so many deep emotions. Computer digital art will develop also. And this kind of art will give new feelings for artists and viewers into the future."


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