Amit Kr. Sharma
composer & musician

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I moved to Noida, near Delhi, with my family in 1981, and now live and work here. At first however, I was in the local Apeejay School, where I began to take part in cultural activities quite frequently as a musician from the 4th grade on; playing Harmonium, Xylophone, Banjo and Guitar. That was also the time when I first got in touch with Classical music, and so, I am a musician ever since my school days.

I got my First Keyboard [PSS-780/YAHAMA] in 12th Grade, which opened me up more towards Western Music and elements of music such as chords/Bass/Drums... That first keyboard taught me a lot about components of Music. I first began to compose songs of my own on that keyboard, and believe that my strongest point as a composer has been Rhythm ever since, because the keyboard taught me to style one's own Rhythm for a song.

Soon after this, I moved to Pune for graduate studies in electronics, with the PSS-780 as my primary hobby-unit through First Year. Second Year then brought me the YAHAMA PSR-510 ~ the ultimate keyboard for Sequencing, Digital Sound Controls and Effects, etc; a keyboard equipped with all the major features for Composing, Controlling and Finishing any particular sound clip. Though it was a major drawback that quality of sound + components of sounds could not be modulated beyond a certain limit, still, it was a major breakthrough in my Composing capabilities.

This was when I first started composing songs professionally. People in Pune (especially my friends, of course) slowly began to tell others about what I was getting up to, and word of mouth publicity gradually got around. By the time I was done with college, I'd completed around six professional Jingle assignments in Pune, of which the first was a regional [Marathi] job, given me by an associate.

Upon returning to Noida, I bought myself another PSR-510 to boost the number of Tracks, Instruments and Effects in my rig, by interfacing the two keyboards through Midi. However, I had no major plans at the time to increase the Composing business as I had to look after my Dad's business too. But side by side, I continued...

My first professional recording for a Jingle after Pune was at the MediaVision Studio in Green Park (New Delhi) for Sharad Anand. This set off a small flurry of further Ad-assignments, which gradually had me begin to feel the need for a richer sound quality than what the 510's could deliver.

Accordingly, I made up my mind to buy the Yamaha PSR-530XG keyboard for the richness of it's SFX. Even though the unit actually has fewer features as compared to the 510, sound delivery was unbeatable. So, I carried on composing on the 510s, but now pumped Midi-Out to the 530XG, which delivered my end Audio-Out. The configuration was a big hit with my clients, and I continued with the setup for almost a year.

By now, I'd obviously also developed a desire to have my own Semi-Studio setup, but while I did have three Keyboards and a professional Sansui Power-Amp Unit already, the actual number of direct assignments I was handling didn't really justify a full set-up.

... so I began to make "Deferred Ads" ~ which meant that People, Agencies and Composers would buy compositions from me but the Ads these eventually went into were not declared as mine. Within six months of this sort of action in Noida and South Delhi, I'd accumulated one professional Power Amp, Chambers, Equalizer and a Midi-cascader for my Keyboards.

Unsurprisingly, this was also when I first felt the need for a computer, so on 31st Dec, '99, I went across to Nehru Place, bought the various components I wanted put together, and had my first new computer assembled by the same evening. A revolution immediately occurred in my life. Driven by the incredible Creative SB! Live Pro sound card.

The computer had enough power to interface with my Keyboards thru Midi, or direct Wave RC, and various software quickly increased the sound enhancement standards of my studio. After that, I jumped into semi-pro Video Editing and installed the ATI Pro Rage All In Wonder Video Card with Live Capture and Video clip productions. Though I couldn't get time to learn more about the ATI, I still work off-line for Videos. My main work is still about Sound and Composing only.

After this, I added on a Multi system Video VHS controller, an 8-track Studio Master Mixer, Professional Microphones and an old Phono player for DJ re-mixing (when the entire system is connected together). Peripherals like Scanner, Modem and a DVD pro-Player just enhanced the capabilities of my Studio a bit, but a real breakthrough was... a CD-Writer!

Today, I still work on "deferred" basis. Gives more money than normally. But soon, I'll be starting my own studio on Full Professional basis. I'm already fully equipped!

Currently, I am composing music for two album-projects: one for a client, the other my own. I also have three TV-Ad jingle projects in line as I write this. I have not properly made up my mind on where my music career should move next, as I have to continuously give full concentration to such work. But there's time till I make my final decision.

Amit Kr. Sharma
D - 55, Sector - 56, Noida - 201 301 (India)
tel: 91_458 3738[Studio] 3182[Residence]