Afanassy Pud ~ Scientist, Programmer & Artist

[music by Arjun Sen]

"I began to draw in 1970, before which I'd never really tried it. But after that I formally studied drawing and painting at a studio in St. Petersburg for one year, followed with learning all by myself in my spare time since then.

"Through all these years I made drawings with pen-and-ink, and paintings in oil. Some of my graphics and a brief BIO can be accessed on my web-site at My most important inspirations and teachers have been Durer, Filonov, Tishler,.. and I love artists of the European Renaissance.

"As I am a scientist and programmer, it was not difficult for me to learn to draw in the digital environment, and so I began to make pictures on the computer in 1996, using the Corel and Photostyler software programs of the time. Today, my softwares of choice are CorelPhotopaint and FractalDesignPainter.

"It all gives me many new possibilities,.. too much possibilities. I use only a small part of these possibilities and it suffices me. Sometimes I know what I want to draw; then, how to draw prompts the computer. Sometimes I know how I want to draw; then the picture is born by itself. But the main thing here is not the computer, it's the artist. The good artist will draw a good picture whether his tools are either his bare hands, or traditional paints and brush, or a cutting-edge computer

"When I began to draw on the computer, the concept of style disappeared for me, even though I do have my style in the usual graphics. It seems to me that this is not so bad, for while I have series of works fulfilled on the computer in one style, the styles of different series are different.

"Only over the last 3 months or so have I begun to communicate with computer artists in Russia and other countries through the Internet. They obviously do not have any influence upon my work and me ~ at least not yet. On the other hand, I do believe that in Russia today, there are not enough good computer artists in comparison with many other countries. I don't therefore know what are the roots and inspiration of my style, or styles. Today I want one style and to-morrow I want another style. But I am one man, not two!

"Many traditional artists in Russia are sharply against digital art. They consider works created in virtual space to be not "Art". However, I consider that it is more because they cannot learn to work on the computer themselves. But soon it will pass, I think. There is not enough information in Russia about computer art, thereby slowing down the spread of an understanding of the progressiveness of new methods.

"I do not make commercial works on the computer. Therefore everything that I do on the computer, I do with pleasure and thus I have no problems. Audio and video are not my creative interest, and I have no contacts with artists who work in these media. I am simply a traditional artist, drawing on the computer. Perhaps unfortunately, I do not have time to be engaged on the computer in something else, though I very much would like to learn more about these new creative media.

"I need to work. I still should be working in science. But already 25 years I am also the artist. And in that, my belief is "Digital Art - Our Future!"

"My equipment: PII-266, 64 MB RAM, 8 MB video. Certainly, it is not enough , but I cope."

Afanassy Pud
Russia, 192286, St.Petersburg, Bucharestskaya 94-6-67

Afanassy Pud (Fainzilber Eugeny) was born in Leningrad in 1951, and lives there now. He has a Doctorate of Sciences from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, but since 1983 has also been co-partner in the "Partnership of Experimental Fine Art" in Leningrad, participating in all of the exhibitions of the Partnership. In the past, his images were sometimes deleted from exhibitions by representatives of the authorities and KGB.

From more than 20 exhibitions that he has participated in over the years, in St.Petersburg and some other cities, a relevant sampling would include:
1987 - exhibition " New chamber art ", Moscow
1988 - exhibition "Handwriting", Palace of Youth, Leningrad
1991 - exhibition of the Leningrad Jewish artists, Riga
1992 - personal exhibition, House of the scientists on Neva, St.Petersburg
1993 - personal exhibition, " Judische Galerie ", Berlin
1994 - personal exhibition, Museum of A.Achmatova, St.Petersburg
1994 - personal exhibition in " Gallery 21 " in Cultural center " Pushkinskaja 10 ", St.Petersburg
1996 - exhibition of the computer art " Graficon 96 "
1997 - exhibition of the Petersburg artists, Bad Homburg, Germany
1998 - personal exhibition in the Jewish cultural center, Berlin

Afanassy's works are contained in private collections of Russia, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Canada, Holland and also in the Museum of Art of Nonconformism in St.Petersburg.