Tina Rajan
Graphic Designer

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Tina's all about TINATOONS ~ rushing about like a whirlwind through a pretty vast body of professional work including animations, illustrations and even clay-modelling.

She begun with a basic CAD course from Lady Irwin College back in 1994, when their Creative Computer Center was one of the very-very few in town. The course introduced her to Corel Draw, Picture Publisher and the very basics of general computer-usage and imaging. In terms of exposure, the library had the best books and magazines on the trade, and Tina still fondly remembers holding up a copy of Computer Graphic Artist and dreaming of being one.... someday!!

A six month stint with a post-production studio, after completing her course, then provided the young artist an unparalleled opportunity to dabble with and learn to use Photoshop, Crystal Topaz, 3D Studio, Elastic Reality, Fractal Painter, Inscriber.

In terms of work, as she recalls, "there were no great shakes, but I had access to every software I'd ever dreamt of, and learned a lot! As of now however, I am using Photoshop (an absolute "can't do without"), 3D Studio MAX, Corel Draw & Fractal Painter. I do a bit of design for the web and so I have used Front page & GIF Animator as well ~ necessity taught me HTML and I am quite comfortable with it now.

"My folio is a spectrum of visiting cards/ logo's to brochures, magazines, package designs, portraits in oil, storyboarding, animation (both cel and 3D).... just about anything that can be expressed visually. My husband is into Art direction and Set Design and Fabrication, so off and on, I'm dabbling there as well. As for a list of TVC's ~ it's only now that I've joined an ad-film maker, that TVC's have been added to my folio. Some of them include the Milo- Millennium Diary promo, Milo-Maggi Promo, Milkmaid Desert Mix, Cerelac and one that I am particularly proud of, The Lays-Tazo Pegaaz ad. This ad has 09 out of 10 seconds of animation and it is my first cel-animation released so far.

"Working for print and screen has each its own charm. They are like two sides of a coin. I enjoy both.... seeing one's dreams come real, no matter what the medium! Infact, I sculpt as well. All mediums to express my reactions, what I feel within, within the limitations of the material world.

"Looking back on my career thus far, it's been all about working hard and never sitting back.... you just have to work hard and find -rather "make"- a place for yourself under the sun. With the spread of web-graphics, my training in the old basics is still of use. Believe me, learning by hit and trial, on your own, ends up being a wild goose chase. I believe in having one's basics right, and yet never letting that adventurous explorer in you sit still. Free-lancing is great, but only once you have your own clientele. Nothing like working on your own, on your own terms. Of course, with every job you learn and mature both as an artist and a professional. I'd say my experience has been that you shouldn't let anything pass you by without enriching your life! Always welcome criticism.... it keeps you focussed.

"Its been five years since I started working at my present job ~ free-lancing initially, but now a part of "Final Cut" since Jan 2000. My job on individual assignments begins in the conceptualization stages,... while discussing visual moods and effect. When the script is finalized, I do the storyboard, and at the shoot I am involved with art direction, post-production,.. and I do the Graphics. Fortunately, Ranga encourages one to make creative suggestions and accepts them too. He is a wonderful person to work with and an inspiration.... in every way! I hope to work with him till these fingers paralyze!!

"Oops!! I think I just went overboard!! Somehow, It feels a little odd.... talking about myself! I really don't think it's time yet!!"

Tina Rajan Kashyap
Graphic Designer
B-4274, Pocket 5 & 6
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi - 110 070 (India)
tel: (91-11) 689 7592, 612 2597