Rohit Bhatia
Businessman & Artist

"Too easy, too fulfilling, too uncertain, too true to be sure for such acceptance to be real is a dream in itself... which side do I wake... is a dream on its own.

"A stroke of brush can show what an artist is all about, but its the strands of the stroke which live his life for you to see.

"The way I describe myself: "An Artist who bums around with intutive ideas and impromptuous intrusions of expression to create an image of cliched importance". I am an artist who primarily works with charcoal and black & white ink medium, working out ways to express 3D . Nature has been most influential on my work . Clouds, trees, water,.. natural instincts.

"Unscruffy uneasiness uneagers the unpleasent uncertainity for an undecisive undisclosure of unknown unification

"Being a self taught artist I have tried to learn by variating to different mediums and try my hands on different kinds of expression. Using graphics tools have added a new dimension to my work. All these images have been done in Photopaint. I have been using other varied graphic tools like Coreldraw, 3D studio Max, Photoshop, Image composer etc. Always looking into the new prospective softwares and new prospects of the present.

"In the perpetual search for perfection of ability the ergonomics of expression sees one through.

"The other area of my ability is music. I've been involved with music in different capacities: as a composer, a guitarist, even as a music trainer. I have been very fasinated by the colours of voices. I have experimented a little with A'Cappella style on music. Lots of my compositions have voice modulations and harmonies. I'm busy now with trying to evolve a sound and a style of my own. With music at this stage, I use sofwares primarily for editing and compilation purposes."


A - 21, Nirman Vihar, Delhi - 110092 (India)
Phone: (91-11) 2228370