Animations by Children

Our old friend Nitin Donde, whose lovely butterfly'n'flowers animation was featured in our 1st gazette, has been busy. The film itself had a great run at the International Film Festival for Documentary, Animation & Short in February 2000, and is presently winging its way to participate in the eminent Zagreb festival in Europe.

H o w e v e r, Nitin's also been closely associated with launch and operation of two net-based start-ups since we last met him. The first, called "" is a straightforward e-com site structured around model portfolios of a modelling agency, but the second is far more ambitious creatively, under the title International Animation Broadcasting Center ~ registered as ""

IABC is an association between Angles Audio Visual Studio (operated by Nitin and his wife Deepa in Delhi), West Highland Animations (Scotland) and East West Communications (Netherlands).

While still very-very new, the stated goals are clear, as follows: " is to be an animated space on the Internet. It plans to showcase the creative and artistic works of the children of the world. It will be a space where children can express themselves through stories, songs, poems, paintings, sculpture and animation. The objectives are to:

"Give a platform for children to express themselves
Create spaces for children to see each others' work
Use creative works to unite children of the world."

To set the IABC ball rolling, Nitin's studio ran a series of "Cartooning & Animation Workshops" for children through the summer-holidays. The works featured here are a partial representation of what emerged from this. The animation above is by Shaista Arora (12 yrs.), a student of Sanskriti School.

by Daksha Arora, 8yrs ~ Sanskriti School

Ishan Dasgupta 16 yrs ~ Mother's International School

Johnathan Jouty 10 yrs ~ Mirambika & The Auroville School

Nimay Donde 13 yrs. ~ Sanskriti School

Varun Jethmalani 9 yrs. ~ Mirambika

Nitin Donde
Angles Audio Visual Studio
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