Audio-CD Preview
Amit Heri Group

"WHERE AH YAH GOIN" (above) was a question that my little nephew always asked me, without knowing the deeper meaning. The tune is my tribute to the power of innocence and simplicity

"BLUE" is a simple ballad that I always enjoy playing.

This is a beautifully packaged (design:Nupur Sista) audio CD from Earth Music, featuring some pretty densely cerebral music produced by Amit Heri ~ an independent composer/producer operating one of Bangalore's top digital sound studios. However, as so often happens with offerings from accomplished musicians, there is nothing digital about this music, other than just the final remastering.

The story behind the unique release is that, having earlier studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, the opportunity to accompany his wife Madhu (an accomplished kathak and contemporary dancer) recently on a US tour also proved to be an irresistible opportunity to get back in touch with old pals on recording some of the real-world hands-on music that Amit had been composing between mainstream commercial assignments in India.

The band that came together on this album luckily did not happen to be playing together for the first time,.. and it shows in the tight music stitched out by the individual musicians as part of Amit's larger musical canvas.

Aside from Amit, the group includes:

"MATT RENZI, my longtime roommate and one of my favourite saxophonists.

"MATT GARRISON, one of the hottest bass players around. He has recorded and performed with John Mclaughlin, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern & Joe Zawinul among others.

"PETE RENDE, New Yorks' much sought after pianist & keyboardist who has a unique and very special approach

"MARCO DJORDJEVIC, the fiery and brilliant drummer from Yugoslavia who is as much at ease with complex time signatures as any Indian musician.

"All these guys are busy, touring musicians and it was extraordinary luck that they were not only in New York but also had some time on their hands. At that point, I just knew that they would somehow be there. As we began to play I realised that we still sounded like a great combo. We've all grown, though each of us in our own way, and as we began to play I realised beyond doubt that the energy happening would take the music to the level I had dreamed of and beyond. I was right.