Bharati Mirchandani
Graphic Designer
[architectural presentation with computer-generated slides]

As a free-lancing graphic designer since her 2nd year of art schooling, Bharati Mirchandani was amongst the earliest Delhi-based professionals in her field to be independently computer-enabled,.. with a Mac Centris plus printer and a scanner making it into her studio desk as far back as 1992. The examples of her work here are from a unique assignment she executed in the period since then, to illustarte a challenging institutional layout put together by the top architectural firm "Stein-Mani-Chowla".

Speaking of the heady days of early computing for her, Bharati recalls how: "Due to the pressures of work there was no time to waste. The ideas in one's head needed to be expressed fast, and the Mac was very friendly. Not surprisingly, I managed to design and submit four book covers within the first four days, and all were approved! It was almost easy."

Part of the story behind this was of course that as a trained professional amongst professionals, Bharati had played quite a bit with friends' machines before, and surely that must have helped,.. but "So did luck. So did the people who sold me the computer!"

Folklore has it that she was of the sort who got totally stuck at every step of the learning curve with major-major issues like: "The pointer arrow has turned into a plus sign!" "The mouse clicked by mistake and everythings disappeared!" And yet she survived (ha-ha).

Over the years, Bharati's worked mainly in areas she "felt would make the world more humane. This means I never contributed to selling synthetics foods or toy guns. Lots of work with and for children, lots in the area of health, social sciences, developmental issues, always questioning my purpose, our purpose, in life."

This here's a lady who loves her work because she works at what she loves. Computers are but tools for her, much as the rotring pens, water colours and camera used to be. As she says: "The final design is still mine, not a machines."

Bharati Mirchandani
Graphic Designer
D-14 Defence Colony
New Delhi - 110 024 (India)
tel: (91-11) 464 3608