Ashim Ghosh, India 1999


Ashim Ghosh was first featured on the 1st The IDEA gazette under the appellation he gave himself some years ago ~ "Audiovisionary".

It's something to do with all the years he's put into multiple media ventures as a professional musician, photographer and film-maker, but of late, the artist has also manifested several sort-of "Public Interest" presentations, works and exhibitions, represented in the earlier feature with that "Missing Ling" series of negative print photographs of tree-stumps etc., and witnessed again in this (earlier) exhibition of the rising "windowless" world of New Delhi.

The exhibition showcased what seemed at first glance to be pretty straightforward B/W cityscapes hung in the foyer of "Delhi'O'Delhi" ~ one of the member-resaurants at the up-market India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

However, a closer look (which most missed due to the innocuous look of the images), reveals the artist to have digitally removed windows from the buildings in his images, throwing out a bit of a scare to some on how completely ordinary, acceptable and everyday such environments would seem to be.

One can only speculate from this that the Audiovisionary's missive has struck true upon one more social malaise of the sort he's lately been looking to make his mark from.

But to many, Windows today are just Graphic User Interfaces that look out upon Cyber and Virtual Spaces.

Reality's passe ~ ctrl - alt - del


Ashim Ghosh
C-6/6046 Vasant Kunj
New Delhi - 110 070 (India)
tel: (91-11) 689 9628, 613 3565