Arjun Sen
Composer /Producer

"All Blues (org Miles - an attempt)"

"Once I Was" [words/sung-Anshu]

"Coloured People" [Anshu's with Roshni's alaap]

"India Remixed" [sung-Roshni]

"Toned Milk (got no cream)"

"Wish You were Here"

"Myriad Monds" [Anshu's collection]

"Feelin' Good" [a poem]

Arjun launched into his professional life as a musician in 1981, as Founder-Member/Guitarist of the band "Great Society" in hometown Shillong,.. the capital of magic-magic Meghalaya, in North-East India, and proved good enough on debut to shortly also start doing gigs alongside with that inimitable band from Nagaland called "A Kind of Blue."

With a pretty well-deserved reputation for breeding a guitar player in ever home, Shillong is an incredible town for anyone to grow up as a musician, and it's no surprise that Great Society is still remembered as one of the first bands in India to play only original music ~ no "covers" thankyouverymuch. In fact, the whole region is such a hive of musical activity, that good guitarists go a long-long way.

Through decades now, bands from the Noth-East have been regularly invited to wake up mainstream college festivals and other shows in metros and larger towns all over India, and like many another before and after him, Arjun eventually stayed back, choosing New Delhi for his new home in 1987.

The capital snapped up the stylish guitarist in a shot, nursing him through innumerable gigs with bands, musicians and singers from all over the country, alongside holding down a regular job simultaneously with a "Hotel Band" through 1987-89. It was the classical route of the times for a young musician in the Indian Non-Classical/Folk/Film stream, for it brought home the regular bacon while at the same time gradually networking the young musician into studio gigs as a session-man on guitar and bass for Ads, Serial Titles, and some Albums, etc,. until 1992.

Not surprisingly, the career path turned true as an arrow, for in 1993 Arjun was in position to establish himself as an Independent Composer/Producer, in which guise he went on to produce music over the years for dozens of TV Serials and Ads, Cassettes, Promos, and Jingles. Clients have included names like Sony, Nestle, Dabur, Bridgestone, Reckitt & Coleman, Time FM, LG Electronics, LML, Maruti, Daewoo Motors and Modi Xerox, etc.

It's a lifestyle that's gradually made the man sensitive to (and conversant with) all sorts of music ~ something he carries into every digital composition with sublime efforts at making individual digital "instruments" sound like they've been played by actual musicians on actual musical instruments, rather than by a single individual on a MIDI-keyboard, sequencer, and digital multi-track recording rig.

"Guitars Used:Fender Telecaster/Stratocaster'

"As Far as Programming goes...have consistently used the following:
Main Key board/sequencer Roland XP 50. in chain with Sampler/Tone Bank....earlier S-760 now-Kurzwiel 2500.
Present setup includes Cakewalk (I sequence on both Cakewalk and the XP depending on the project and time available)
Recording Media-Roland VS 880 EX and VS 1680 EX (these are good compact boxes which have almost everything you need to make a decent audio recording)

"Method of working: Simple really....
Hear the whole thing in my head first and then try and get the technology to give me the sound that I hear...comes pretty close usually. There are millions of people using the same Software/Tecnology and I can guarantee that no two people use it in exactly the same way...each of us find our own shortcuts and methods that work for the sound you want.

"Its also important to have been exposed to a wide variety of music ,it opens the ears and the mind."

Arjun Sen
A-1/87 Panchsheel Enclave (2nd flr.)
New Delhi - 110 017 (India)
tel: (91-11) 649 0332