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Nitin Donde

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By the standards of all of us poor other sods living and working out our lives in little concrete boxes stacked one atop the other in Delhi, Nitin Donde leads a fantastic lifestyle, shutting between home and work (at his Angles Audio Visual Studio) within the "forested" virtual little paradise he calls home,.. bang in the middle of perhaps the busiest urban-village in this benighted old city. For a committed nature-lover locked deep in the digital domain with his work in this city today,.. that's not bad going! And not surprisingly, quite a few Delhi artists and film-makers love to pile in and work at here too.

Since he's primarily a film-maker, Nitin's e-studio has been focused over the last several years mainly upon 2D cel-animation, 3D graphics/animation/SFX, and non-linear video editing. That naturally also takes aboard the whole baggage of writing and converting scripts into storyboards, creating cartoon characters and objects, and animating them in synch with audio/music. Being in the digital domain also means that specializations include placing 2D cartoon objects/characters on real-life video footage, 3D landscaped sets, and mobile 2D backdrops. The GIF below is a simple example of basic graphics emerging from this studio:

The approach here, as with the main-animation at th ehead of the page, is to use classical techniques of cel-by-cel animation to create and move characters before deploying computer technology for compositing, colouring/finishing, audio-mixing/synching, titling, and special effects. It's an approach quite a few animators in India (at least) use today, and with prices of contemporary desk-top technology continuously sliding, while performance and storage improves, we're probably going to be seeing a lot of computer-based film-makers emerging into the coming years from foundations of increasingly simple technology platforms.

It's the sort of ongoing transition that's in fact being fed continuously by professionals like Nitin, who work between times as consultants and advisors, helping others set up operations all over the place.

... and of course, between times Nitin is gone ~ wandering about deep in the Himalayas, watching birds and butterflies 'neath wide open skies,.. between stopping always to smell the flowers.

We're delighted to add here that the short animation-film playing on this page (and/or off the second blue mint link above) has just been selected for showcasing in the "Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Animation and Short" ~ February 2000.

Congratulations buddy!

Nitin Donde
Producer ~ Director
Angles Audio Visual Studio
24-B Bara Mohalla
Deoli Road, Khanpur
New Delhi - 110 062, India
tel: 698 7301, 698 8799