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Newtek's all about the sort of folks who've been the bedrock of the boom we've been seeing over the last few years, of 2D/3D animation graphics in India. It's a story starting in 1990, when Kanwarjit Singh (Raja) completed a course in Special Effects Computers from the Priyadarshni Institute in Delhi and launched out on his own as a company, doing small low-end jobs for private producers, who in turn were generally vending for Doordarshan.

Those were the days of hard labour with clunky old computers, but dedication to learn and do something innovative quickly got the young man enough recogonition from private producers and ad-agencies to start churning out supers for Cable Movies single-handedly, at a rate which Raja reckons may very well have touched 90% of the entire graphic traffic emanating from Northen India at the time.

Things suddenly moved into higher gear about five years after Newtek was launched, with Raja's brother Damanjeet returning from the U.K. after a course in Hardware Engineering, to join him on consolidating a 3D studio-platform. Till then, it had all been a single-handed effort in 2D, but now the company moved strongly in 3D animation. Meanwhile, Raja also worked with the ATN sattelite channel for 2 yrs as partner in Production, handling productions and programming for Northern India.

In 1999, the company again made a quantum transition, this time in terms of technology ~ putting into place a Personal Animation Recorder, DPS Perception (NLE ) and now DPSRT, a real-time Non-Linear Edit suite.

Basic shoot on all productions is done in Beta, Digi-beta and Film (16/35mm), with edit and post-production in most cases moving directly onto the PerceptionRT.

With opening of the Digital Editing era, this means the company has now stepped up to the next logical profile in it's evolution, actively diversifying into the field of single-window production on Ad films, Music Videos and Special Effects. In particular, Music videos produced by Newtek for various music companies now add up to a handsome total of thirteen, with portfolios from clients such as Archies Music, HMV, SMW, Palm Audio, Music FM, etc.

In keeping with the era of rapid transitions that we'er all living in, the latest news from Newtek is that they've now powerhoused their way into web-design too, with client-list on these services already totting up companies such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Alitalia, and Nortwest Airlines.

All said and done, it looks like Newtek's in it for the long run.


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Kanwarjit Singh
Newtek Video Vision
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New Delhi - 110 060, INDIA
tel: (91-11) 572 7143, 581 0205