The Apple Lover


For those of you who have read and seen Kushwant Singh's article in HT called "With malice towards one and all" with a sardarji in a bulb, it should not be difficult to visualize a sardarji inside a computer screen, with the title "With music towards one and all" !!

Was commonly referred to as Guitar Singh in college... lugging one around school did not improve either my image or muscles ! I am a confirmed Mac-user since 1989, when I first did a demo of music and computers for AppleWorld at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.

Though trained as a recording/sound engineer at Trebas Institute of Recording Arts, Toronto, Canada (1985-87) I found the world of MIDI and computers exciting enough to bring back a keyboard (DX7..yes the original!) a drum machine, a tone generator, MIDI interface, an IBM XT, with Texture sequencing software and a Tascam 246 portastudio with a Yamaha SPX 90 Effects processor and got into music composing.

So much for engineering !! I believe it created a buzz in Delhi since everyone who was anyone in the music business wanted to come over for a "dekho". Blimey!! Should have charged a premium. Realized that people wanted me more as a composer than just an engineer....so did all the gamut of composing from TV commercials, corporate films, corporate songs, TV serials - both titles and background music, radio station id's, sfx designing, CDROM music and sfx, demo recordings and songs for bands and artists, albums and some saving grace in live sound engineering to keep my chops !!! By then had moved from my beloved SE30 mac to a PowerPC 8100 and a change of arsenal.

Presently I run a Power Computing 226 Mac clone at home with a K2000 Kurzweil rack, Proteus 1, Yamaha DX7II, and Digital Performer 2.6 software. At a studio-cum-office we use an 8600 with 196MB RAM and 16MB Hard Disk space with Pro tools PT 24 card running through two 888 boxes for a total of 16 digital in/outs into a Yamaha O2R digital mixer, and trusting our ears to a pair of expensive 1037 Genelec monitors.

Apart from sequencing and recording on DP, I also undertake Mastering services for albums using a range of software from Bias's Peak, using Metric Halo Labs Spectrafoo, Waves plug-ins and hardware like Eventide DSP 4000 and TL Audio Tube EQ. For my sequencing work I also use MOTU's universal patch librarian/editor UNISYN, notation software MOSAIC, Steinberg's RE-BIRTH, RE-CYCLE. All this ties into the MIDI world through the trusted MOTU MTP AV. Also doing music and sound designing work for CD-ROMS with a host of SFX libraries from Sound Ideas, and using software like Bias SFX Machine and Sound Blender to mangle and make kittens out of full grown men!!!!

Moved to Mumbai in May 1997 after getting a breakthrough programming, playing keyboard, arranging music and engineering for the feature film MAACHIS. Followed this with Jahan Tum Le Chalo, Beetabi, Shyam Ghyansham, Chachi 420, Hu Tu Tu, Satya and Godmother,.. also got Teji (right).

Still here ~ presently producing, engineering, arranging for albums,.. making music.


(KJ's also India Secretary of the "Audio Engineers Society" ~ ed.)
K.J. Singh
Sound Engineer & Designer/Composer
Mumbai, INDIA
Tel: 91-22-633-5113 Fax:91-22-632-9160