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Kitty Hazuria

Kitty Hazuria is one of the prominent commercial photographers in Delhi who has also been using Digital Imaging to enhance and/or transform his photographs. As he puts it, "Digital Art is a relatively new medium, and a very versatile and exciting way of creating images." Accordingly, over the last five years he has been manipulating images scanned from photographs taken over the last 20 years, in experimenting with this new media. However, it was only recently that he finally approved of digital outputs enough to hold his very successful first exhibition of Digital Art (printouts) in the Lobby of the Convention Hall at the India Habitat Centre (New Delhi) in October "99.

Before all of that, Kitty started life out as a Tea Planter in Upper Assam in the late 50ís. After putting in 11 years on the tea estates, where photography was his hobby, he eventually came to Delhi and turned his hobby into a very successful profession, doing frontline advertising photography since 1976.

Over the years, commercial assignments have taken Kitty all over the world, but other than India, his two major professional stints abroad have been mainly in Sweden and Indonesia. Amongst other things, the first yeilded a major exhibition of photographs (Stockholm ~ 1988), sponsored by the Swedish firm Indiska, one of his clients. In turn, and again amongst many other things, the stint in Indonesia got him enamoured with Digital Art.

  • Country Life (U.K)
  • Wool Board (Australia)
  • Random House (U.S)
  • Namaskar
  • Swagat,... Etc.

  • ADVERTISING: Assortment of Advertising Work in India, Sweden and Indonesia from 1976 to 1999 - Includes campaigns for Nestleís, Phillips Indonesia, American Express, Honda, Maruti, Yamaha, Bata, Indo Mi, Indiska AB Sweden, Indian Tourism Board for the National Geographic, Sinar Mas, Indo Rama Indonesia, Etc.


    Kitty Hazuria
    Photography,Designing, Digital Art
    K-40, Hauz Khas Enclave (Basement)
    New Delhi - 110 016, INDIA
    tel: (studio) (91-11) 686 4615, (r) 91-350533