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A tribute to the all-time icon, creative artist, protestor, peace-lover, Mr. Jimi Hendrix.

His greatest moment was unquestionably his rendition of the American national anthem at Woodstock, and undeniably, his contribution to music lies in the very fact that his style and expression gave birth to a whole new generations of musicians.

This tribute highlights this genius as a humane peace-loving world-citizen of great spiritual strength, who played the guitar to make a socio-political comment ~ playing "The Star-Spangled Banner" without a word being spoken, at a time when others sang "Blowing in the wind."

The intensely sensitive Mr. Hendrix almost touches every heart that believes in non-violence, and in this context alone he should be remembered as a great humanitarian,.. leave alone that he was also a major musical genius of this century.

Decidedly, in the context of today's world, he is even more relevant than ever before.


lyrics: I see the Sun
I see the Moon
I see the Stars
I hear the tune

I see myself
In the mist of rain
The yellow fog
Come kiss my brain

I see your face
In the Purple Haze
I see your face
In psychedelic shades
As magic fingers set ablaze

I cried in Woodstock
I died with speed
I sang in Memphis
It was with the other breed

I laughed with Janis
Then there was Kriss & Bob
Hung out at Greenwich
Came there to rouse the mob

No guns in Vietnam
Hot guitar licks could do
"One Giant Step for Mankind"
While Armstrong sang the blues

And if I was alive today
I would tell Saddam
"Come listen to me play ~
Bill cut out the machine gun"

Oh,... Outsider... Oh,... Outsider... Oh,..
(I see your face...)

"He played guitar
He made it laugh,.. he made it cry
This voodoo child could kiss the sky.
So extraordinary
Even the wind cried Mary
... even the wind cried Mary"

Hari Om... Hari Om / Jimi... Jimi... Jimi
Oh,... Outsider... Oh,... Outsider..