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a backgrounder, introduction and overview from the Editor

Indian Animation ~ missed opportunities
an overview of the Indian animation industry by Kireet Khurana, CEO of "2NZ Animation" (featured in this gazette ~ see below)

from the trance 'n' techno man himself: Sandy Bose (featured in this gazette ~ see below)

The Lone Ranger
Gautam Ghosh is a man deeply delving into little-understood secrets of how to have the time of your life making music in a "living in sense" for a living

Toons means Biz
perspectives on an established cell/digital-animation and interactive-media company ~ "2NZ Interactive"

Small is Beautiful
Amalin is a great example of burgeoning e-creativity in the SOHO sector, which is gradually emerging as a massively vibrant, highly competitive, professional, and rapidly-spreading undercurrent of the ongoing IT-revolution in India

The Apple Lover
K. J. Singh's been walking the cutting-edge of computer-based music for almost a decade now. Today, he's a completely intuitive virtual-multi-instrumentalist and composer whose work most Indians will have probably heard quite often without knowing it's him ~ something very typical of most Electronic Arts

Thinker's Designer
Anando Dutta's been one of the early-birds amongst the new breed of media-designers and image-makers who operate intuitively and continuously in the digital domain with tightly-knit teams of computer power-users

A Different Angle
Nitin Donde's a 3D-animation professional who independently develops projects aimed at children, inbetween doing commercial work like "making a sack jump around to music"

The Trance 'n' Techno Man
the man who first introduced us (at The IDEA) to the whole world of computer-based music ~ Sandy Bose

New Act in Town
a computer-based band of young lads with a fat record of successfully concluded music-assignments already under their belts,.. without ever having played a live show!

yep!,.. that's the name Ashim Ghosh gave himself as a focus several years ago. Not surprisingly, since then it's seen him continuously immersed in diverse streams of creative new-media, ranged from making management-videos through to making digital (and non-digital) music

Second Look
long counted amongst the premier commercial photographers of New Delhi, Kitty Hazuria has lately been reinventing his work in a more contemporary digital avatar

Another Biz-Model
quietly churning out a steady stream of creative new-media material in the New Delhi mainstream ~ that's Newtek

Wandering Minstrel
the quintessential hard-rocker, hyper, constantly on-the-move, constantly between making live and virtual music,..

The Foreign Hand
got the name, the music,.. no pic. Is he undercover?

Silicon Graphics @ India
a brief comment on SGI's move to the PC-platfrom, by Ajit Rajkumar ~ a young e-animation artist from Mumbai

"backpage" on an ambitious new image-documentation centre positioning itself in traditional and digital archiving

Just DA Muzick!
"as advertised" ~ a page of links to all of the music on this CD, to serve as a playlist long after you're done reading The IDEA

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